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  • 00:00: miguel very well and we are back to welcome our friend hugo k to list and you already seeing here is what we will do this beautiful amparase calling so it so that there is this this work It makes two passes and Monday not because it's next work quite long and has many step step and that you do not miss
  • 00:30: nothing nothing of this work so beautiful it we will do in two parts like this or the cam very good afternoon to you all new week and very grateful for all views on YouTube and finally Expo previous week many thanks good that day one of our ladies we visited took the kit to assemble and I said in the program the joy We would begin to build this are out
  • 01:00: Or vase with lid as you want to call in this material it is of course there BOM We are looking at the digital clock that list is there good look there there there Two alternatives are two options one is kuwait with the napkins white with red florets and there is the other is frost crack is with and skilful side in gold I tell these two camps
  • 01:32: amphoras are one of the students of guillermina workshop that made get very nice that would tackle as there are options here we will do another which is good because our friends and sinsentidos received are not only the shock where the student and They are as nice as he goes to the idea is very good student luis low very well never said Ghellab well now it dominates the list materials are already overtaking
  • 02:04: the cam material for this is cardboard stone Flexible cardboard there we have stone pieces of foam board half sphere plumavit 12.5 centimeters diameter a shooter wood which leads to one periquita masking tape or our tape to wall with Masquin Cold paint cracker napkin or the materials you want and
  • 02:35: the finish of your car come on then there are step by step well what is our teacher hugo but to speed up the work goes faster a move that cup first what is this we will need the papier - mâché I made these molds We start out with a base that is one all in a figure eight sides
  • 03:07: Sometime we have done many Sometimes when is our capital vitoriana we'll be one of them and the That hook is formed this this line and has 30 high with that Stockham tie from tomorrow until these available kit are in place always and this just start to stick here to arm from below that day of the expo reached some
  • 03:38: not all take the kit had not It brought many that day but you have It will be in the shop for sale are and It is also for those who speak of yes yes but not out in the workshop Instead of always shop Lilith Adam on the stem beyond the limits where I leave my chip there is foot but on the way perform can go to if it is and if you want and teachers and I getting there and now you're going
  • 04:08: getting here and we support and we dante Nima must for example have to take care to be putting right away if I'll put here all complete turn first but lifting jacks not connected to all up like we will not see a and response to shooting camps said today
  • 04:38: setting is such that they are are Eight species of the little tongue so to speak then it's going curving and slightly and work here so I will put it to the other side there that will become sang with singing glued and with enough masking tape one right next to each other and roughly 10
  • 05:12: centimeters not giving full circle up above all then why he added the other here it is desirable that the base the war was not a piece of cardboard pen or thick cardboard to have to lean on which I am
  • 05:44: using each case and using a piece of cardboard is corrugated box was base has to be firm and strong thick basically so that one can support cardboard on it can be Wood could also be a piece of wood if we call this our trup there and so are arming ideally should go all the way I makes only half would do if this is as they open this
  • 06:17: it is opening to as small as a tulip taking that way out Up here we go ideally not to be mounted to the captors but one ladito sang with both tired If so , then figure that is taking how so and so on then
  • 06:50: He completed after those here does not rise more than ten centimeters turn complete and everything is there and then more than ten centimeters and this is going to go giving the way there and then you come up here and then complete these salitas be giving their help not only the form once you have reached that does not It takes quite a bit more advanced in she so they are going to be and now part higher
  • 07:22: I put this as cuellito this that It has five centimeters then here I have a piece of 40 cm as They are 85 for each is previously half cut with a break and you I match up lake each union would be here and everything with our masking tape there we
  • 07:53: that and we keep going around and once waths up We've put all this tape we have fixed mask it must be tap with good shout and tape well stuck and now this is only they will set covered with technique
  • 08:23: cartapesta of applying paper Of diary there we forget all good bonding and only set and newsprint They will cut hopefully much better hand pieces of paper more or less of this size and we will proceed to sheathe
  • 08:58: complete this with cold or white glue with the same amount of glue with water that fits like a kind of oil not emulsified liquid not too thick running as I do not want liquid milk not want water want a thingy a little creamy Joseph with that We started to hit all three capable we line full three layers We hope that that can not apply
  • 09:28: layers on each other here we still apply for one let it dry but do not let dry apply the layer 2 and the homeland when we did in the summer another process I suggested sticking a layer first only letters and then capcom with these colors it makes one lose out all the layers with letters more Yasuni for non to keep for know where you need to know what makes three layers both a layer of pure letters put Fire a layer patterned with color and then he completed and a layer of elected
  • 10:00: It is the base for the stage here we will need a piece of cardboard if which deposed on top half sphere stuck and I here under another piece of cloth was a foamboard but it could be a piece cardboard and do the same operation I'll cover this and even paper sphere all well lined three layers Once you have done that will
  • 10:30: apply these steps I say this because we are less is already long is lined with newsprint abel processes will reach Polga and then you apply a layer of paste wall paste to plug the outlet wall with a little tail fia maeso depict one left to dry here are allowed to dry a second layer leaving rival so that it is as
  • 11:00: wordy all This is our base for already you want as a project in this case in the next class will work on this great task of family are ready and we are well on the task list although here we left with the project hope the Ibo and not I knew if they want to do and are antofagasta tomorrow go to find that they are ready to get to build your aunt can do this at home call says materials
  • 11:31: quickly to the contest we promised exact we have a flexible papier - mâché pieces of foam board half sphere plumavit 12 cm diameter the wooden handle tape mascaraque with which we pasting until the cold wall paintings cracker napkins
  • 12:05: or any of the moieties materials to make finished on our amphora cam Here I have many pieces of paper that is to circumvent our bathing suit He was pending and reaches both the press still exists that happens this Look at the bottom we have the mirror has the mirror bag keep things the curtain who was
  • 12:36: Hence if the organizer is the can paddle Cup pond cover the roll Portal While everything is ready here the day Expo which fill visited us a piece of paper all those who are here and we have also added the names of the people we sent in an envelope does not believe that no is your his little letter and I'm looking and the friends of iquique of conception Santiago is ibeas and praised the
  • 13:06: I know several names and that although for what He made a note in the same breath same conditions as if it would be Sacchi very noticeable the start and cam not only hand with so many to pick one here I have to give the Award the same there to catch you and either one is not so much in the house Berkam fingers crossed assimilate says
  • 13:36: the fbi there waiting for you here until it is expected that this result gives all a country'm Mrs. York valverde percent of the rut 39-5 11818 Dona llorca I have your cell we will call for confirmation that you are not watching now but has won
  • 14:07: a set of bathroom so many thank you all we They visited the expo that took place in the kindly send your cards and We see if a mother do us this for it is quite easy to antofagasta Antofagasta has york been lame beyond so there this nothing very quick mission accomplished vienna chile see you next Monday and and ending the project dominating the our project I'm fine thanks
  • 14:39: thank you very much to you and good and congratulations to our friend llorca this beautiful dance game pulled we will a little pause commercial and we visit the bazaar Limeñitas with everyone who has come these days to work we cut our crafts commercial and then returns