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  • 00:00: hi all this Videos shared with you their re the first experiment you can experiment seen in my as the previous video paint fur home if you look the first issue you it becomes clear why I have this piece of fur I will repaint re-paint for hair This time I bought another dye hair black by VSN sens and again I will repeat that because This time I bought the first available hair dye so you can
  • 00:30: use paint from producer you trust the first thing we need do it prepare a mixture of Hair Dye according to instructions second before start painting treat fat layer of the skin from the inside glycerol fur if there are no persons and Renata you can use any fat cream in this way Safe Innsbruck from drying out third to comfortably It was to apply paint
  • 01:01: attached to any Boards I use cutting board so I no longer anything I found a home suitable as well as after the first painting and I was it is clear that the wet convenient to distribute of the strands and will more comfortable lay on so this time I sprinkled with laughter thief plain water to wet 4 can be applied as a paint quickly and Hair a.m. direction natural growth
  • 01:31: Time keeps both instructed Usage of this paints if you want to your fur remained intact Follow the rules instructions oh I did not have one ink pack but I'm not disappointed since I bought two packing as well as buying I I noticed that from this manufacturer less milliliters paint than with buying from previous and smashed and immediately Only two packages one reason that the first paint
  • 02:01: I still have fur I thought I could paint not be enough for one package as I do not changes drastically 5 color wash off the paint under warm running water and optionally again well wash any fur shampoo for hair What you have six processing Hair balm fur which was sold with paint Balsam is washed off by warm running water the 7th fur more rinsed
  • 02:31: warm water with vinegar one tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water you can use any food vinegar gently blotted towel the 8th thin bed again lubricates the Ministry of Labor officials Irina 9 carefully stretch min foolish not to break 10 after dyeing fur can sit
  • 03:02: to avoid this attach it to any solid the surface of the fur up to sushim natural conditions of the result of the fur with you in for 3 days re-painting moment is not corrupted pile climbs and He remained the same soft and fluffy paint with their duties I handled a hundred interest as well as if you're interested first time I colored fur where his applied and that I made with the remainder then take a look at fur the description below the video to meeting next my videos