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  • 00:00: Hello today I'll show you how knitwear on duty blouses as count
  • 00:32: number of loops per advertising I have given in the past video is now easy I will show another kind advertising and so will I knit one crochet but here you can choose any pattern any lake openwork pattern only I advise you to take not very complex to add up to add loops and embroider and patterns so as not to get confused and
  • 01:03: so start posts without crochet 1 9 and since it is knit raglan we make a cake in one loop knit one cantilevered column air loop 2 bastion air loop 3 cantilevered column
  • 01:35: air loop and fourth column with with one outfit all in one everything about knitting in one loop and so cantilevered column air loop cantilevered column air loop cantilevered column air loop and column with crochet 4 bastion between them air loop knit on the following advertisement in
  • 02:08: one loop do We knit a column with air cushion loop 2 column with air cushion loop 3 column with cape air hinges 4 cantilevered column knit on 3 Revan cantilevered column
  • 02:39: air loop 2 cantilevered column air loop 3 buy with a cuff air loop 4 cantilevered column further we knit 2 return and last raglan 1 bar with air cushion
  • 03:12: loop 2 column with air cushions loops and the third cantilevered column air loop and fourth column rejoin circular row connective post make the rise of the century we knit the second row we we approach the revan and
  • 03:43: we sew, see we get four bars and three The holes between these sticks of 1 fools we tie a post with one over and in second hole we we knit again 4 column with air loops 1 2 4 and in the second hole
  • 04:18: We knit a column with wraps and so we we sew up to the whole row to 2 see raglan in our country it turns out there is like the flower I will bind several rows and I'll show you a new one I tied a penny several rows
  • 04:48: fell on emerges such arches flower that is if the past is not it was thick picture here the revan goes into the hole so it's more suitable for openwork Let's repeat how does raglan so here we are in one
  • 05:18: loop 4 posts with air loops is obtained as 3 loops 1 2 3 1 loop we knit 2 column with a crochet for account of this goes extension relno in the second loop we We knit posts with air cushions loops 1 bar with
  • 05:48: air cushion loop 2 column with air cushion loop 3 column with air cushion loop and fourth a column with a crochet and these last pet advertising We knit 2 posts with the crochet 2 and we finish the head
  • 06:25: a series of connective post alas, we have it turned out that we have four advertisement the square closes is expanding