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2 How to connect a scarf effective, 2, 3 rows  See details »



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  • 00:00: second row unfold and work I make four loops Lift 1 2 3 4 and at the same loop where were four lifting loops I knit a column with two sc etc. as well as in the first row of each loop will vyvyazyvayut 2 with two column sc of each loop knit 2 with two column sc repeat
  • 00:30: in this way provyazyvayu all second row due to the fact that
  • 01:14: the number of loops in have increased in twice scarf will more curl Here again are variations can be be not with columns and two sc bars such as three or sc columns with one nakida all depends your desire how much you want I would have been to scarf more magnificent if more lush ie
  • 01:44: higher shuttlecocks respectively knit higher If more columns low respectively knit lower bars I see the Middle two bars nakida it should get here in this way will twist and increased width of the shaft Thus, I provyazyvayu all second row further unfold work and provyazyvayu 3 number can be linked a few rows that is, it is optional much like a ritual
  • 02:15: so, too, and knit also of each loop vyvyazyvayut 2 column two sc in the case