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How to connect the smooth line of an armhole without steps - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Natalia and Koshelkova In this lesson we learn how you to form a smooth armhole line many needlewoman confronted with the that the closing loops in each second row it turns out here such ugly steps and this is particularly bad if left armhole open if you do not You know how to get rid this problem and you want to learn make beautiful armhole stay and we see cvetok suppose we dovyazali to place in
  • 00:31: forming armholes and we need to close with each side of the part in every other row 1 1 1 5 sts 3 times loop 1 times 2 loop, and once pay for and so close one side May 5 1 2
  • 01:01: third fourth and 5 and now knit up end parts the selected pattern I have this face
  • 01:33: surface of the front surface of better knit backing the first facial manner when This tally for a rear wall and when we dovyazali until the end series from this side details of formation armhole will produce with seamy side and close May 5 and provyazyvaya loop
  • 02:03: purl 1 2 third fourth and fifth and now we were binding
  • 02:33: Wrong or select any any other selected pattern to the end of the series I provyazyvayu purl the first knit all the way except for the loop most recent last loop we remove from the left spokes on the right thread to work turn knitting
  • 03:04: and now we need to we close the loop 3 shoot first and do not provyazanuyu and second loop also and provyazyvaya the first stretch loop through the second thus covering manner the first loop 1 2 and 3 and knit to end of row
  • 03:39: the selected pattern in I have this face smooth surface except for the last eyelet and we provyazyvaya not remove before working thread turn and now late night party 3 close the loop so the loop is not rented 2 provyazyvaya conduct
  • 04:10: a loop under another closing January 2 and 3 a loop and then knit to the end series also provyazyvaya latest loop before working thread
  • 04:47: and now we need to close 2 sts 2 remove the stitches provyazyvaya 1 have not knit and the second was knit and one stretch loop through another closed one loop provyazyvaem next Close the second loop and knit until the end of the series does not
  • 05:19: provyazyvaya latest remove it with a loop left spokes on the right the thread before work and We are closing the shoot 2 loop 1 and 2 and the knit to the end a number
  • 05:51: Here subtlety next row we you need to subtract close one loop it can be closed in the same manner not provyazyvaya in previous row last loop rotate in the same remove loops 2 and close and then we closed and we closed
  • 06:23: one loop further knit to end of row but as a rule 1 closed loop in addition to different previous row It fits to the end of the series provyazyvaetsya most last loop and decrease the loop is the beginning and the end of the row as usual the formation of
  • 06:55: bevel first distal edge I rented following 2 loop provyazyvaem the front of the front wall and at the end of a number of provyazyvaem two along the front of the rear wall
  • 07:25: to get lean to the left on the right side we have inclination to the right to the left hand we tilt left, and as you can see armhole line it turned neatly evenly and smoothly and and such can armhole leave open
  • 07:55: when knitting jackets and sleeveless and other products