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  • 00:00: Kiev 3 years customer today, we will Cook ha facilities with lift and only delicious we need to look pound farce two onions carrots window I have shabby Tatyana Denisova Group no division because both of loco and recently on rehearsing a crushed otherwise 10kg cabbage leaves Head Mr. the number of milligrams of letters to both counters are
  • 00:30: product ratio because they easily can be done also on the a pound of analogue 8 site so you can be significantly reduced much bigger first so that we do , the initial step of boil that's about half a liter and then after the first under the pressure of the risks to cap fund steamed to give it is not necessary and one more thing, we are just another We put too vodichku will challenge leaves
  • 01:01: it takes just a couple of minutes the driver No one will simply challenge the rink 700 hp badly when it stuck historian working and now for most people There are different years Vodicka concludes here it boils Kim here etc. will buy Elista that is, I close the lid and released there is a pair of fear buy what we do Baku him
  • 01:32: here as we pull do not even think adds having such a property is bonded spot simply because they are very, very hard and here in this way he machining leaves the next stage while we Herald rolled political scientist zaparivatsya we fry Street but I have come in large numbers here
  • 02:04: As for there then when the complex is fry All this we will go to the class because their there are such cases, NATO as well as in the park to them this approach delays turn away so it is important that we should be good good endured Here such here only daughter Visitors a plate of deep concern such rumors about the fact that he said that something that we all so badly to what came
  • 02:35: add add transmits farce here fried onion soybean carrot Now we have them good good professor because what is we are very fond of salt and be sure 466 FTPs here so that's what way and that's all well connected
  • 03:05: because if picked up by such refinery roses experience also in the fact that only a thermal power station will carefully right there on June 3 addressed the issue will be on the tables and what would be necessary to add that the only court Look what we do completely we turned but the water that would be well resolved Now we will now stuff leaves We assure our children's leaves
  • 03:36: after we have scalded them but here and so into orbit knife shooting year this is the thickest part These cobs Senators remove the list, and then these lines I I leave with you but here were completely demand for more that is, we do not divide into two parts just midway all the details and so each leaf NATO
  • 04:07: remake 9 so a little norms Anna's okay but we will leave the middle of a our children that's all we have remove and now women but the fact that we have smaller make them triangles minced we well mixed see how a compass
  • 04:37: And so my per barrel and Tchoboian then all you have been among the newcomers holiday Now you have a triangle So here in this way Alexei recycle those that are bigger but their a little bit on a different principle, see sedan class, you can put a little bit
  • 05:09: more if you can make smaller bones and Now in this way one half wrap it Chikova in the middle of a it's part again in this way This setting tones so look at the situation is all done and it turned out that we have a band supply bit changer alleged that this month Pasha
  • 05:39: I had to give little more right and even 800 kilogram because little moves Committee in the middle, it was not adequate read from this project Parshin my gift is not so try and you and do if and cakes do it without discounts this meat this is not the first time Will I not be able to think that it is very tasty there is too little but I promise you the same source now want
  • 06:10: guide you often still those Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit five schools here so that it literally them on top of a little bit closed so the writer wells do not cook in the Church of the pressure cooker they are preparing a little bit faster accumulated back significantly start pour boiling water a little bit of it is left there then do not sit down right now obligatory for They said they
  • 06:42: because if it were not so embroil just extend all the salt of minced we answer and close AL that gave cork sang I have a method Domodedovo batin now this state percent of the poppy but also gave a pass tourist granted that there will be more to do because then the monetary dough anode tough moment while we and wells, and will now be turn off the pan
  • 07:12: and fry Calm down, I use and a couple of tablespoons tomato two volumes of this ketchup sauce Navy photo pasta, too, can stand up and do not know yet and it should be like that time in a row Banks should look in a jar that she generally Now you want to add anything sour cream and this is good this period, roasted and then I'll tell you
  • 07:43: at the time when it will be necessary to add here it's all well master voice Look what came to work on the clock then boiled cheese club your heart of brazil heat to low and here they are, we get a cocktail under the lid a list of the five years, we will try year girl needed Nicholas physics leaf and only now when this is we get
  • 08:13: we add here there March the prototype cases, tomato contains rh BATE and not only it is very hard if you add before Now Coulibaly gardener cooked will rush night children we added what was left status bit of Pushkin What happened som good and now even on low heat literally October 15th minute but let yourself out there but steamed and Russian bank reserve
  • 08:43: Putin said that the situation regarding in practice, the tanks and 5 at the height of the cube