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  • 00:00: girls around the huge Hello to all of you and I very glad to see his video channel on today's topic kremovarenie often I requested many of the channel you wonder how so home cook cream despite the fact that This I mention it only once in one of his videos but many of you this theme was I'm rather curious a very long time delayed capture this video one simply because I I will say this I'm afraid to take the kind of a responsibility because
  • 00:30: kremovarenie it It is a vast subject and I'm with my not so and extensive experience in not such too large Knowledge just afraid harm someone from you so that in no If not, please do not take it video as an impetus action sooner I I share their experiences Ahaz kremovarenie simply tell little about his first steps why I did
  • 01:05: I start cooking cream I think that is very simple reason friend overwhelming most kremovarov I have appeared skin problems and some psychologically level, I just afraid of the apply any industry I mean I was afraid what reaction they have I will cause I was afraid to blow on their problems when the problem at I have been around body I have very dry skin and I can not do without
  • 01:35: after humidification taking some water treatment in I, too, all and pulls it just torment and then I realized that maybe I will psychological comfort and to start cooking cream and the most I do not disappointed in First because I really I love engage in just such a hendmeydom all its forms but I think because because it captures if Kojima jam you seize it here to stay in head to the pool of the word Now I
  • 02:06: permanent basis cook yourself and cream only for the face to body cream and I cook only when I It begins some aggravation of my sick usually It happens in the autumn This exception autumn unfortunately very eyed evil could see one of latest videos from my cheek He jumped heel which is not at all not for smeared in general kremovarenie itself production of creams this is in no panacea circumstances of some diseases it is so to speak
  • 02:36: guarantee transparency compositions, I would call so an advantage would kremovareniya He carried in the first queue above has transparent composition of the So you know what you put how much you put and why you it is put in the cream as an advantage, I would He carried all the same a kind of self-realization as a hobby is quite interesting in us Indeed studies and if you love by Handmaiden at leisure on bother you this is exactly like
  • 03:07: but also of course to Plus I would have classified result if you We have done right if you true picked the components in the desired dosage of the cream you exactly please I'll guarantee you to cons I would have classified confuse truth that hemorrhoids Nost excuse me for such slang and even but probably the jargon no other way to say because you can not do thoughtlessly kremovarenie is not make soap from foundations here you need to know
  • 03:38: the dosage of each component here Why do you need to know You put it like this component reacts to work with you with your skin because all these ingredients that it seemed to work the man with the same Skin type can be cause the opposite reaction you that is if industrial means working on principle does not hurt the funds made their own hands They operate on the principle do better here
  • 04:09: you yourself Vary percentage the ratio of one or other components and It is solely for that a responsibility I do what cream if very very very just the only thing that oil + water + emulsifier that is emulsifiers and generally why you need it As you know from the course School of Physics and Chemistry, oil and water do not able to mix and some form stable mixture with any coincidence
  • 04:39: circumstances they will seek exfoliate and this is their normal property and so to associate oil and water we need emulsifier that need to cook your first cream here actually quite big list ingredients that not so easy to find Nearby pharmacy there is no such a Unfortunately first I advise all you decide what cream you want cook in no case never the same mistake
  • 05:10: I'm so clever eyes she considered to be articles some excerpts from books looked some there video I read the forum and I think now I'm well ka sit down she will write a prescription in I have a lot of houses Cream will no no case ever do not do take some proven recipe who laid the body good soul to He shared in formula Internet that then checked and
  • 05:40: wrote in a review, yes it is really good recipe good cream obtained and neither in no case Hold the cream face cream, take Hand Foot Cream as a basis and cook it start with this is not We need to threaten to super mega Moisturizer a person with a huge number the first component cream should be simple with minimal number available to you ingredients and thus you to understand just as the principle of it is possible and can be boiled
  • 06:10: cream ingredients I personally I buy in online stores the best in my view it French aroma-zone but if you do there any problems with order from abroad waiting you push our mail is there is a huge the number of stores who work in Russia working on Russia can be found store that working with your city all very much now stores that deal ingredients I kremovareniya for
  • 06:40: now it's soap-boiler quite popular pretty interesting still it becomes quite true profitable business except listen that you necessarily We need accurate scales up to two decimal point it's very necessary and very important tool for creation of creams largely due this tool the success of your cream will vary from very good yes just delicious because without accurate weights make a good cream very problematic
  • 07:11: you need to have a some incredible vision eye estimation computing ability in general it is better not to risk and good buy right away I am the way their scales I bought on ebay and they came to me the color month and a half in general, they are now I very happy but also on the way Amazon also sold rather good scales yet we need tarof you You will cook cream usually 2 some capacity that can withstand heat and
  • 07:42: that will have intended exclusively for drink cream jam in them tea, coffee fruit drinks I nobody would advised course you will need and the glass pipette stick to Stir it all deal but ideally more thermometer and stripes for determining ph level but this is a perfect perfect I also want to set a couple words about sterilization is very important because that the better and you carefully
  • 08:12: pardoned sterilize your tools better and the longer your cream will behave continue anyway at home We unfortunately did not We can achieve full but sterility we strive to do should simply therefore required to oblige to wipe all surface on which you will work all things that you will work in their ideal better sterilize is a function in steamers someone
  • 08:43: but keeps in boiling water boiling water, you can keep Only those surfaces the tools which is tolerated say it all rest surface that we can not keep I would be boiling water advised wipe with alcohol but Now get hogged very problematic in I luckily it was someone advises wipe with hydrogen peroxide in someone some its other recipe but I personally wipe alcohol necessarily should wait until
  • 09:13: all surfaces after handling dry out it is also mandatory the condition is one of the those things that necessarily you will need it preservatives is not some terrible there 5 for kalyaki but this is item without unfortunately we do with you can not cream which dumped without it can preservatives store only For three days but the refrigerator someone is talking about week but I define this period as two or three
  • 09:44: day anyway bacteria there will and multiply it normal process is unfortunately that's that but if you add Again as preservatives whichever any preservatives which combined the Cream can last you from the month before six months I add a preservative which allows live my cream about a month if cream you cooked with his own hands suddenly I began to call you have something
  • 10:14: irritation the appearance of pimples or some other like reaction it does not mean that your the skin gets used to this cream and it means that this cream you for some reasons not approaches can be you have violated the terms storage can be very well sterilized all subjects can ingredients that you picked you too It does not fit in any case this cream you do not forget to fit about him second if beginning cream
  • 10:44: delaminate or cream surface was allocated Vodicka some cream too throw is no good we do not portend I told you quite a bit of so scary terrible bullying We are looking for teachers' tone but I want you say that kremovarenie very interesting lesson there really very interesting if you like to learn learn something new then you for sure if you like It is interesting is try on the actually there is nothing
  • 11:15: in the most difficult technologies production if you I liked this video if you're interested this topic please I want to write to me shoot more videos on I compose recipe on how to and make a recipe and video on how cook cream that is the very directly process If you are interested in this issue is again Please, write me about this great Thank you for watching huge separate thanks for that stayed with me until the the end, I hope that I
  • 11:45: just a little satisfy your if curiosity what is left questions please ask in comments by the way I'm down in the infobox still leave a few references to girls that pretty interesting and much more more talk about it about how I start I hope that I do not thank you scared great and all bye bye