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  • 00:00: do you think that constipation a temporary trouble at the actually even the slightest discomfort in emptying the can be a sign deadly diseases like recognize when it's time run to the doctor any error can not be avoid as late as all right go to the toilet tell today family doctor Constantine Zelensky hello bone paddington really problem common but Not all share their concerns with experts only do not go to the doctor thinking
  • 00:31: yes unpleasant discomfort well and you rights of way that Constipation is also necessary say because many believe that Constipation is just delayed stool there let's say a week is not always considered surgeons that adult constipation This delay in the chair For three days, infants sometimes up to 5 days or it is very hard chair which injures wall bowel and why you He said surgeons namely surgeons He is doing this but then the question about this will tell my already terrible
  • 01:01: if it becomes fair skin three lyudyna item giving rise to the periodic constipation and yet you are generating because are theory chinish you're the reason you I want to lock the body not come true because We go against you three c days already giants bespeco nuts and screw you I ate yesterday today stress quote Back and Tomorrow is a big the diameter of the morning, and that's your whole body on careless and toxins and I spent constipation accompany your suit well bolimov live on the receiver
  • 01:31: smell and takeoff often yuri and cover and dry ears but also regularly back market causing you you can plug in the pro I read down given because the evil oxide chubby injury systems and Crimea tear means more decent constipation Hugo prominent is the mall is not physiological here such times liter utter and diet and special drugs Peaslee gentle rule sign constipation but part of constipation neck tweaks summer meyatsev people tone up internal organs
  • 02:01: fights because these Especially in a hurry and slide Uploading today only Let intense Lena Share on maternity and Chris hanging out all da but will not horse with terrible dreams on liqueur and they each speech and went to help frame that I will tell the correct moves type dual millions people suffer constipation every day but they are ashamed complain to the doctor and even their loved ones some people do do not give constipation special significance they believe that this
  • 02:31: a feature the intestine and between times constipation It can not be only consequence improper food but be Symptoms of a serious diseases such as stomach ulcers or even bowel tumor and then yes that is how only appeared constipation immediately run to the doctor many underestimate but the danger of a dangers we talk with you a little later I I guess it It is associated with Now these contents Black Box is a mistakes that allows people from
  • 03:01: which have constipation Let's deal in all in good time why there constipation and there three main reasons are pushing human body to occurrence constipation and now I'm going to show it The first figure the reason is urges restraint all familiar situation when adult is located meeting at the meeting on conference or even at a party if the person very shy This is often the cause It causes constipation in children from kindergartens
  • 03:31: Skogen county school because some just are embarrassed to go to the restroom and by the way the bones here if a child parents live Endure Well, in transport for example, Let long trip accounts if the child constantly delaying the urge develops constipation already chronically or appeared and then disappeared and if a man constantly suppresses urges the intestinal wall stretched and they become so active and well extinguished reflex a man accustomed to
  • 04:01: the fact that he walks alone every two or three days and so it turns out that a child who childhood is habit to restrain it may urge buy here this chronic habit on you know all my life Yes, and I have such Patients various reasons another character easy to remove psychological cause pages harder and thus way today the topic is very important not adults only people but also for parents who required to inculcate to kid hygiene
  • 04:31: rights because which has this question will quite right I I advise you not to contain slots you are looking for the opportunity to go to the then when the toilet the body sends you signal The reason given is use small of water there people are just by habit a little drink they prefer food in suhomyatku and between those with insufficient admission to body fluid intestinal contents becomes more and dry it difficult process promote fecal in intestinal
  • 05:01: what to do in this situation all advise more to drink 5-7 cups tea any liquid water and juices in the day especially the way the juices It promotes good table and not less one and a half liters day we drinking is also useful for kidney We absolutely true repeatedly talked about how important to use adequate the amount of fluid for of life the whole body, and that's another reason failure women good Council reduce you are welcome use diuretics who are so fond of some women
  • 05:31: to quickly throw off weight because diuretics also brings liquid one of the most common causes of constipation lack of exercise is office work still a lot hours and some even at home converging mother e.g. childcare which is located their houses vital functions are not suggests many movements but it is also harmful when a person walks in it works best the intestinal motility there peristalsis bowel better reacts as if
  • 06:01: a person is sedentary life it leads to bowel skating is not the main reason actually constipation but can serve as a cause appearance Hemorrhoids which then turn over would entail a the occurrence of constipation prolonged sitting causes inadequate blood overflow venous plexus rectum and it there is a reason appearance hemorrhoids and so my advice if you a long time We have to spend do sitting
  • 06:31: First break every half hour do exercises or just walk at least two or three minutes chair, choose not too soft nor too hard strain periodically and relax your buttocks it will also help disperse the small blood pelvis laptop itself main recommendations say Kostya if eliminated Now all these reasons provocateurs is possible get rid of contrary constipation yes but on the condition if human will It has been established right diet and the person does not will perform
  • 07:01: mistakes that commit most people have who have constipation and before we talk about treatment constipation treatment itself error that thus it is possible Let's assume Let's get some coffee nescafe first rule morning but since this delicate problem Many people try to independently get rid of constipation and probably at the same time makes mistakes exactly what I will call three major errors each box I
  • 07:32: there visualization each of the error The first mistake is unauthorized reception laxatives drugs This leads to braking normal motility bowel the intestine becomes sluggish but because those laxatives preparations for it that are designed to solve the problem constipation completely but they are not true intended for daily or weekly use and patient who regularly takes these drugs it intestines shut it We depend entirely on
  • 08:02: laxatives Because usually stimulation he no longer enough laxative prescription-only totally doctor right next incorrect error the use of an enema I religiously vaginosis believes that the enema extremely helpful but enema this is what you can but struggle with constipation how else really useful manipulation but many spend properly when regular using enemas there is a loss reflex that
  • 08:32: cause emptying intestinal straight sigmoid colon gut just begin to sleep but it is not all that may happen if the people wrongly use an enema usually people autocratically come up with anything clysterize the there is actually must be this content here mugs they douches taking warm water I think that is soften hard stool and quickly bring them the body and it turns out the other way around warm water stimulates the absorption of toxins in a thick wall
  • 09:02: intestines and body I poisoned show on example, imagine that I have an enema Warm water is warm water together with small fecal particles mass very quickly absorbed in the wall so bowel toxins I get the blood demonstrate how It is going on here very appropriate analogy of the intestine as a sponge absorbs toxins in the meantime toxins poison our body check what's happening So they began soak into the wall intestine in the sponge
  • 09:32: you see it paint over man After an enema with warm Water does not run once in toilet and that he he ran to the toilet I must do an enema water at room temperature but it may in no case It should be warm Moreover I I recommend doing enema at the following you take prescription one liter of water and add one tablespoon of salt and Thus, we create hypertensive in saline which is saturated itself draws toxins increasing intestinal contents
  • 10:02: because this solution fluid passes from the walls of the intestines they on the contrary I just what He demonstrated on sponges thus people faster and effectively goes to restroom and toxins are not absorbed into the blood but where is the borderline which separates harmful self-medication and is exactly the effect who needs enemas Often enjoyed many wrong people find it is not harmful the more the better so in addition the fact that they are at risk cause intoxication the body, they also
  • 10:33: relax the bowels we lose empty flax reflex in me was a story when patient tried in this way lose weight, and cleanse I forward to a very fashionable and a little every other day I put yourself in an enema eventually she ceased practice without enema includes toilet is no longer God could not have any but literally a nightmare addicted to enemas and it was necessary to appoint first time drug Treatment was all over OK wrong time the use of an enema may have the
  • 11:03: adverse effects means necessary decide what situation, a person can independently without a prescription enema this I say come a little later I'll tell you about most recent common mistakes which allow people costive and as you think that there hemorrhoids people who costive often push do absolutely not because at the moment when a person presses It creates excessive
  • 11:34: pressure vessels pelvic overflowing with blood there is a hemorrhoids and very probably emergence fissures of the rectum this trauma mucosa rectum solid stool in eventually threaten man or by surgery removal of hemorrhoids either by excision and crack-linking rectum oh what to do the man who I used to make an effort and do not can go to WC start better than a one-time take advantage of enema and correct and to do but
  • 12:04: further need deal with reasons that cause constipation and quickly eliminate them because none of we have listed a single method eliminate constipation not have the right decision systematically chronic problems and what causes eliminate you know we are already too to understand as well properly deal with constipation if you constipation not often well for example two or three times per month, and you know it is associated with your lifestyle diet that measures
  • 12:34: I eliminate constipation can you recommend The following is the first and include in your food ration rich food fibers are stimulate motility the intestinal wall products The following beetroot bread coarse bran milling buckwheat prunes and dried apricots tomatoes apple pear You can not include by the way olive oil stimulates the the production of bile and that in turn stimulates motility the intestinal wall yoghurt leaven are living tangible
  • 13:04: culture with regular Used man they beneficial to the intestinal microflora they do not normalize only motility bowel but also create conditions for no accumulation in I intestines of toxins I strongly advise those leaven of their patients especially children, I also I recommend more to eliminate from their diet securing Products Figure persimmon blueberries and semolina Black tea disposable fix the problem then there is a problem that does not accompanies human and chronically
  • 13:34: I recommend take advantage of following means either with candles glycerol or reception salt preparations such as magnesia available in pharmacies receiving conventional laxatives drugs tablets or capsules herbal or well put yourself an enema You can also take advantage of regular massage we very often we do his small children but for adults it is too effective I show on imagine what it's like the first type of massage we take his hand and introduce stomach around
  • 14:05: navel in a clockwise direction this massage stimulates the colon here it is thick loop bowel why own massage It must be done by clockwise I recommend you relax lie down and massage the belly for October 15 minutes, it is very 2 effective massage It called diagonal tips fingers We are putting to the left hypochondria and hold top-down principle the same as in first massage form towards
  • 14:35: colon we only encourage his release, we do it lying in relaxed a position to with light pressure five minutes and if constipation It happens 2-3 times a week for example if person per day there are chronic problem I recommend immediately seek medical advice not not tighten do self-treatment Disposable ways to get used to it quickly Many people stop impart this problem value then begin to be ashamed of
  • 15:05: then get used and chronic constipation It can be a symptom such serious diseases like function decline thyroid gland intestinal oncology such as cancer of the colon in primary intestine stage it appears practically unnoticeable symptoms as early as final step it can really give chronic constipation chronic constipation can cause intestinal worms various features of your feeding surgical and anatomic anomalies of your bowel so If you have not resolved through diet and
  • 15:36: single means I will I recommend running gastroenterologist well or to a family doctor do not ignore signals of the body of how they us and help thank you bones of a baptized tomorrow all bude good happy hello youtube be attentive to their health and we always prompt what to Attention subscribe to Video Channel show all I will be good and healthy