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  • 00:00: hello today preparing apple marshmallow marshmallow cooked to this recipe this delicious easy airy delicacy prepare apple puree four large sour I cut my apple in half and remove the core and cook in the stalk steamer
  • 00:31: or bake in oven for 20-30 minutes before ready yet apples are cooked soaked agar To do this, we pour in pan 140 milliliters of water add 20 milliliters lemon juice and 8 grams of agar 8 grams of agar the four tea spoon without a top stir and
  • 01:03: is set aside ready apples peeled and forced through a sieve add 250 grams sugar and 10 grams of vanilla sugar and stir leave to cool about hour after hour pan with agar-agar put on we bring the fire almost
  • 01:34: add to boiling 475 grams of sugar and all the time mix up complete dissolution Sahara boiled to syrup sample on a thin thread to 110 degrees Celsius occasionally stirring disclaim fire and give a little cool about 100 degrees Celsius until
  • 02:04: syrup cools whisk mixer the cooled apple puree in beating two Admission add one egg white continue whisking to a white lush mass weight at the same time increases volume two and a half times not ceasing whipping trickle
  • 02:34: add to cooled 100 105 degrees Celsius but still hot syrup whisk until white and fluffy dense mass weight again increases volume in 2 ½ times marshmallow it is very tasty everyone's favorite dessert on our website videoculinary.ru or in Russian in videokulinaria.ru
  • 03:05: desserts section you find the recipe coconut biscuits macaroon cheese recipe chocolate and other recipes shift the marshmallow mass in piping bag with round head, and is deposited on the paper Baking cakes the same size reserve marshmallows at room temperature for 36 hours that he
  • 03:37: a little dried up 36 hours to melt the waterbath or microwave 300 grams of bitter chocolate immerse marshmallows We take out the chocolate give drain surplus spread on paper baking and give chocolate harden passed on to dish and serve very delicate and delicious Air dessert to
  • 04:08: table inspiration luck Have a good mood and pleasant tea drinking