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  • 00:00: speaking cleaning system can not be was said about a useful and free program both flogged on this program allows you delete temporary files from your computer in the same way as the this is done standard means Disk Cleanup yet This is Venus sik It makes much more comfortable and Extended form it available to remove temporary files from almost
  • 00:30: all installed on computer programs so we have appears the possibility of more deep customization that we need and that can be removed retain additional helpful opportunities are cleaning registry and some other service function with which we with you now to get acquainted to download The program starts browser's address line punching in
  • 01:01: familiar address piriform dot com press enter are the key Download here do not choose a link Cleaner go seek link piriform point com is our launch and begin software installation
  • 01:31: on computer allow installer to make changes in our computer here choose language Installer Russian press next and further continue software installation already in Russian here all the checkboxes left at the default Click button set check of information
  • 02:02: program can be clean and press button set for to launch flogged on fulfill recommended action, click button and the witness running program piriform secretary who will allow us to get rid of unnecessary data our computer I close the browser it we no longer need for most users can all without leaving change almost all desired checkboxes have
  • 02:32: bear simply push button analysis to learn which files can be remove your computer after the analysis is completed can be performed the second action by clicking cleaning button as we are seeing in Currently, you can will purify about 662 megabytes while the bottom information is available detail and
  • 03:02: which files They will be removed cleaning process so we will delete temporary files of all programs which here check mark note that we have a tab windows and there is a tab application and here we can also put down a tick
  • 03:32: in order to some elements remove and what the retain respectively Then a check we will need to clean I suppose for the opera I do not want to clean list and entered addresses look yet times on windows tab here Uncheck
  • 04:03: not to feel a list of the team run in the Start menu because I am very often I work with this program I do not perform list cleaning recent documents by doing so way configuration I will make again we see the analysis It will have cleaned a little bit less 661 megabytes and now you can click treatment for to remove all
  • 04:33: unnecessary files from computer can set here check for to the window longer appear and did not bother us each time in the process removing temporary files from our Computer and click ok button cleaning made so you They rid themselves of temporary files your computer, but also also cleaned history in a variety of browsers we see
  • 05:04: cleaning was performed for firefox browser opera google chrome thus many users use this The program is easy to to clean their traces in Internet I think with this we you understood questions here should arise once setting checkmark elements necessary to you you so completed setup and
  • 05:34: any further cleaning processes temporary files your computer will occur in According to specified settings, and so it is concerned tab cleaning is now switch to tab Register here we have with you there a tool that It allows you to find correct errors in registry that is in the If e.g. you ill removed some program physically
  • 06:04: their drive and removed when that you still some data and wrist That's just in this case the tool and It will be useful click search issues and now we have to press the button to fix in order to remove unnecessary in registry entries on sentence
  • 06:34: save backup copies made changes usually answer is not here can successively press the button fix for each element found in Currently we We see the first error of 116 if you press the button correct what we see we manually correcting each error wherein We observe more information about data mistakes it for fans to keep everything under control
  • 07:05: we are with you enough press this button here in order to fix all marked data on the move tab service here we have a lot of opportunity some of them as we'll see duplicate standard possibility windows Remove programs just elements of the press button so the installation of the next element is
  • 07:39: autoloading here you have opportunity disable those programs that automatically starts with windows and that you manually everytime simply connect You select the desired your element and press the button turn off the second time Select the second program is Alerts also will press off and so the next time you start windows
  • 08:09: These 2 elements in that section It included no written They will not run with the operating the system we have here also has multiple tabs is It was tab windows tabs for browsers You may be left without changes throughs content and pay attention to this one element context menu that is all that we have It appears at the right mouse click reversible
  • 08:40: note that from the context menu We exist to File Locations well can be for any other element if you do not need some element of the selecting it push off and in he context menu You will not appear
  • 09:10: to these changes save you You may need perform reset computer next tool file search duplicate it is thus possible find files that have You are repeated in different folders on all hard drives your computer Well to be honest it
  • 09:43: I'm an active element although I do not use the case may be is could and reached especially in the case if as a result, I I detect files let rip with a blu-ray disks that took a lot place and the course I do not need in the general keep in mind that you there is another such
  • 10:13: a useful tool we switch on following recovery the system we have here you there opportunity to clean restore points removing some you do not need a select the item and push button remove The last button is for erasing discs hard drives in it ordinary life little applicable and unless
  • 10:43: you sell to someone your hard drive and at the same time you want to be confident in the fact that nobody gets access of the information that previously there was for choose this section select the desired options if you perform a full Disk Cleanup is of course you need select the entire disk and here you select here method of cleaning
  • 11:13: Easy dubbing ineffective the best option it is overwritten three passage if you want to be more confident in As we delete Data can choose all the passages in the well and thirty five passes it's very extreme and such Disk Cleanup I think us with you useful although Of course there are exceptions and someone may be willing wait much longer but at the same time be
  • 11:43: perfectly calm on account of the fact that deleted data already really no not restore all under scientists usb-stick also appear in This willow list for them as well as for hard drives will need to establish a tick choose the right settings and press button to delete program settings
  • 12:15: honestly say no nothing interesting on At least I did in settings the program did not change will be enough default settings We conclude this lesson we have devoted Cleaner our computer Now check the box next to each elements tab windows application and you can literally two actions perform a full cleaning your computer