Lesson 12. Patent columns (fillet grid). Knitting by a hook. - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: patent bars it is a very dense bars and so knitted cloth they looks beautiful with two columns height sc they are a little higher ordinary columns with sc Patent column and It allows you to lick perfect cell square shape they tally follows we will continue on our loins knitting Now
  • 00:30: associate patent columns so doing Lifting loop 3 as patent bar just above it There are two hinges that overlap window and actually knit patent column do sc introduce a column base pulled and now the loop we captured
  • 01:02: we only provyazyvaem one petelechku not as usual we provyazyvaem with this petelechku and only one sc and now in two steps provyazyvaem 2 loops 2 and 2 again make 2 petelechki This we reimplemented window and now own patent column do sc enter into barriers according
  • 01:32: They pulled out and knit Only the first loop and then 2 and 2 porn once again made sc here we these two reserve and the barriers according continue our loin knitting provyazyvaem one and Now in pairs 2 and 2 they are just above the first
  • 02:03: style and have perfect square form