Elena Stekolnikova

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  • 00:00: this please pisya girls and hearken me good afternoon women are not women want and intoxicated and good watch you welcome these have secular airlines at the same time it this commander
  • 00:30: fall down I am for the crew to fall and it can be easily and Beauty is like ask this tell I will fly to all directions far from Tashkent to Krasnodar even video I swill boast Do not you see people Krasnodar fly all speak wait for him that no the same route all the threads of it similar to minibus it's a plane, we do not go the same route delirium what is get it all
  • 01:00: I took a ticket to Moscow all be shouting Moscow Now take on even worth to ask The hotel opened in masks fly is pushed and a straight red you land area All I ask is but so I want this girl and yes we sadim then a strong bond are you finish to Krasnodar then from a large in Turkey for a dream he that you're crazy planted in Moscow I comrades to the wedding late urgently
  • 01:30: Krasnodar No matter how well a generally one aircraft I was so I require planting in Turkey a turkey Colour you told me that I came to no one hurt was not and it landed behind this is why because by kenzo of Moscow and Krasnodar Turkey equally
  • 02:00: distance I came by I was Here's how happy flight and