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  • 00:00: I'm going to show you how to poach an egg you realize when you break an eggs into water it scatter all over the place so what am I going to do today I'm going to place a piece of plastic film inside the ball which I'm going to line and then make sure that it stick to the side then I'm going to brush with melted butter I'm going to season with a bit of salt and break the egg right in the center so to start the process I'm going to line the plastic film inside the ball make sure that the plastic stick to the side of the ball take some melted butter
  • 00:32: and then brush it around the side to make sure that the egg is not going to seek while it cooks I'm going to season with a pinch of salt I'm going to pour the egg right in the center and then I'm going to tie the egg inside the plastic when the edges are entrapped it's easier
  • 01:09: to work on a cutting board so you can remove it from the ball take the twine close it tight and then drop it into the water so to poach the egg you use simmering water which is around 170 degree Fahrenheit now that the eggs has been cooking for seven minutes we're going to check if it's ready so you can feel the white is hard but the yellow inside is still very soft so
  • 01:43: what you want to do place it on a paper towel take the season will be the easiest way to cut the plastic film and now you have a perfectly poached egg and you ever lose any of the white