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  • 00:00: let's start with muffins how do you eat muffins you see how big it is so it's really impossible to put the whole thing in bite this thing in that eye it's very impossible you know so you ended up eating well God so you ended up eating all this part and then you eat the muffin without the good stuff I'm gonna show you how to eat the muffin the right way here's the best way of eating the muffin
  • 00:30: you take it off from the paper grab your knife and cut it in half and make a sammich and now you can squish it now it's going to fit into your mouth and you got big cookie with a lot of this stuff and you're not going to ended up eating the best part out and ended up just with the muffin so now you have a muffin sandwich tick-tock how you usually take our tick-tock you open it and turn it on
  • 01:00: your hand oops too many you just want one or two here's how you do it this part is actually made for oneself you put it over and boom - you put it over and boom you got one tick tock - I usually take two at the time because they're so small but as you can see this is actually works every single time one
  • 01:30: or two per so boom boom how to correct way takeout soda cans out of the bottle in the refrigerator you know them in let's check it out okay these are swayed to do they see they spin them down like that and then we're going to open it you see they stand you
  • 02:00: down like that so now we're going to move them over like that all the way down to the place open it on there simple stick your hand in and push it and pull there and boom you took them out very easily today I'm gonna teach you how to feel panic how to eat Paul McGann hadith pronouncing pomegranate pomegranate the right way just like that and then what what I
  • 02:35: wanna do is grab with a spoon or hand out and just stop it on this side just and guess what you wanna sit yep you wanna grab a bowl go not this kind of plate and seats all come out in a plate we don't have a bowl over here because this guy's are single and I'll have a good all the hip is like little little plastic balls so cut it in half and I could not come out like that look
  • 03:07: look at this look how simple it is except if you had a bowl they wouldn't play out so diet yourself God okay so like this just cut it in half and of course if they had spoons that would be even better what's it happen with the spoon yeah but look all of them could have been out look after tap in a little bit all of in half like all of them have been gone
  • 03:38: well live this have start same thing on this side top the only word yeah and if you have a little bit of leg skin you can just take it out and simply have look all of them without any leg take it easy boy mmm check this out instead of picking it out with this stuff you can now just eat well ezel so how do we use it
  • 04:12: we usually open it take this bag out take it out and sometimes the whole thing's falls out and it's all alright but these and it's falls out because you doing it on there is actually here on our side a flaps that's supposed to be pushed in this way one on this side and on this side so next time whenever you grab some and pull it it does not fall out same one here you take
  • 04:43: out and whole thing fall out so annoying you know so you will see press here to lock low so it's not gonna fall out no more and if you have not been using this part you have two thumbs up this video so now look at the difference pins pushed in and now I'm going to open it and take off some and look it doesn't fall out at all and I can cut out perfect slices take out some check this
  • 05:14: out again take off as much as I need to nothing falls out and just cut perfect slice and if you like this kind of meat and makes images all the time from it you know there is a big pop ability but that most people put
  • 05:45: in their meat on the sammich their own way so let's check out how the right way to do it I usually like to pieces on my sandwich but guess what the problem is I hate that it does not cover the whole bread how do we fix it we grab a knife and cut it in half you see just like that take it off and pull it like this and like that and like this and like that
  • 06:18: and check it out the whole bread covered with meat and then put all your type inside to made us let us and of course honey master cannot go along with that and just put the bird on top and boom check it out meat hanging out out of your sandwich instead of having like a spots a birds of without meat last time I showed you how to put meat so it covers the whole bird and today I'm going to show you how to cook an egg so
  • 06:49: it's perfect for your sandwich so what I did is cut an onion and split it like that and put it down here that's all and then I'm gonna go up ahead break it and put it inside of our onion and look it's gonna perfectly stay there one to see how it stain there after they're almost cook just grab it and flip it
  • 07:20: and look at this we have perfect egg for the sandwich if you don't like the onion you can just take it off really easily and just put your meat and this is how you cook terrific egg slice for your sandwich you see it's pretty good and all you need is a small piece of onion airing you can eat it as well but this
  • 07:52: is makes a perfect size for your sandwich look at this slice it it's still onion perfect isn't it that's how I love it you know last time I show you how to cut meat and then how to cook eggs terrific egg for the sammich and today I'm going to show you how to cook bacon the right way for your sandwich I got this thing wrapped in aluminum foil and you know how you cook bacon usually so you could bacon like that and then put 1 slices on
  • 08:23: your sammich well that's own way what you want to do is grab one put one like that one over boom close it like that then second one flip over this to put it right here then close them up then flip over this one
  • 08:53: and put this one in and close it you can even squeeze in this one as well and then we're going to put it in oven you don't have to preheat the oven just put it in there for 1215 minutes and just check on it and see for your desired piece after about 10-15 minutes baking your bacon in oven look at that you have perfect slice of bacon for your sandwich
  • 09:23: how amazing is that check it out boom mmm crispy tell you how to peel a banana the right way human feel a banana from this side you know it's kind of sucks right well I'll show you very very simple way to do it let's check it out okay you got a banana all right most people will go from here and might be failed you know it's like hard to peel it but this is very simple you just grab it right here and squeeze
  • 09:53: it and then you go like that like that and like that and you got the right way to peel a banana you know that meant that's what months Mankins do for ages now des I peel a banana last one is horas how do you eat oils you soak it in a milk you bite it and then the other half you soak it you bite it but now how you gonna soak the rest of the cookie
  • 10:24: inside of a milk sucks you grab a fork and stab it between the orders and soak it in all the way in as much as you want and take it out and eat it all the way very simple just stab it in between our cookies and soak it in all the way and it says it to eat for you very simple your hands are clean for
  • 10:55: milk and you don't have to be worried about the lot in your cookie inside of a milk all right guys let's plate in my chit let me know what do you think comments below thumbs up this video check out my facebook Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you next time