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Hands grow dumb!? Why? What to do? Petrunenko D - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello dear friends you welcomes Dmitry your personal coach today, we Let us examine this problem as numb hand me started treat people with this problem check suddenly wakes up in the morning he was speechless hand at do not know what doing the dishes bed scary it seems that I lost everything what do you do usually Still concerns Brush the edge of the elbow
  • 00:31: First finger brush May 4 check does not know what It is happening there guy came he very strong response swinging cool but his look I am beginning to go numb hand fingers began slough I immediately realized that this Compression can be anterior scalene muscles and that pinched nerves vascular bundle and respectively deteriorating feed blood in the arm and nervous pulse
  • 01:01: respectively almost nervously collapsing his work nutrition worsens less blood tissue It is not less than the hand from the usual complaint is and at least 400 in the hand feel it sometimes just it seems easy rock in general what tingling sensations tingling here especially on the elbow the edge of the brush well as the remove the front spasm scalene muscle little anatomy
  • 01:30: front staircase muscle starts here transverse processes cervical spine and 4 5 6 attached to the first can ligula find collective muscle We have the engine on here it can and there where the thumb depths have scalenus between the front middle scalene It runs more than once vascular bundle if there is to learn shortened or spasm respectively there's the sensations in the hands and
  • 02:00: stupid to do massage with a lot there hand know because the problem here is how we it will interfere with us We will shoot spasms you some muscle exercise is now you will show them as the when this muscle reduction tips head down if edge fixed game and if the suit was recorded this muscle strains it raises ribs usually because participates breath
  • 02:30: edges up breath is tightened Now they have begun Push the cartridge can so how do you know which side problems property usually which the parties longer hurts here probe its entering into a with which the a number of music you can ponazhimat the right to the left if on the left there is a bath spasm of the muscle it spasm pinched nerve vessel nerve bundle and vessels and worsens
  • 03:00: It has traffic and blood flow to the hands respectively consequences okay we will stretch the weight for this we it is necessary to take such left personal can turned maximum right and leaned back muscles taut you to feel bitter where the problem is muscles usually right pulling sensation pulls we were there unfolded wait a bit him that she ran if so stay
  • 03:30: I feel she did not it does not happen the hands communities lose sensitivity scared do not be afraid Inhale and straightened up a bit straining strained Again exhale tilt They stretched as I little reason strengthen this movement that's helping himself hand on inspiration I resist the left I look to the left and physician goal hand crush into the reverse side where
  • 04:00: a second position of the 4 endurance and breath I stretched out again locked in the hand to nothing is raised clear yes we do Cerda exhale and should be strongly pull pull 578 repeat on the towards the necessary the other stretched quietly with
  • 04:30: sleeping time leaves and stir blood and it is not innovation Restore all It will take everything with you was Dmitri your personal trainer I can recall find contact facebook dial Dmitry Petrunenko I I will be the very first I want these say that faith Jesus Christ gives life forever believe in it is while clenched