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Slippers hook. "Полоска" slippers; 1 part. Crochet slippers.  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting this video I will tell how to link home slipper flowers from yarn residues how to make a seamless transition to the different color thread for work need scissors markers hook me hook 2½ millimeter and yarns it is desirable to
  • 00:31: Yarn was one the thickness of the color you You can select any you liked me I use at work purple beach pink and dark gray for the sole size 3630 and you need to dial 26 stitches first fix loop and type 26 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  • 01:05: 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
  • 01:38: loop one two three four provyazyvaem post with sc and so provyazyvaem columns with sc to the end of the series provyazyvaya each loop knit row
  • 02:09: last loop you need to cut a number of 5 columns with 1 sc 2 you Rome 4 5 and then hide tail knitting
  • 02:41: you need to knit a number of columns with sc each loop so you need to dovyazat last loop Knit row in last loop provyazyvaem 5 columns with 1 sc
  • 03:12: 2 4 4 5 knit fifth loop, and we do not
  • 03:44: knit to the end reserve on the hook the next two loops series we will cut another yarn colors for undetectable the transition to a yarn a different color provyazyvaem gray yarn eyelets 2 together connective loop join series It turned invisible
  • 04:20: the transition to a yarn a different color we tie two air hinges sc to do hook and in the same loop start vyvyazyvayut columns with sc tails hide in knitting columns with sc
  • 04:55: we need to knit until mid-sole to determine space add up sole in half the fold We note the loop marker also the other sides Yes loops marked marker provyazyvaem
  • 05:25: columns with sc in each loop 3 following loop you need to knit polustolbikom with sc 1 add 3 to the rest of the loop
  • 05:56: roundings on the heels knit columns without sc provyazyvaya each loop five loops 1 2 3 4 5 per rounding heels each loop provyazyvaem two column without nakida January 2 3
  • 06:38: 4 pepper go on knit provyazyvaya each loop column, without sc knit so short three loop 1 2 3 to
  • 07:08: loop marked marker 3 loops to the loop marked with a marker and in the previous row provyazyvaem polustolbikami with sc 1 2 3
  • 07:43: the other loop provyazyvaem columns with sc so you need to knit up curvature at the toe five loops on
  • 08:14: rounding us to one two three 4 May provyazyvaem each loop 2 column with 1 sc 2 3
  • 08:49: 4 5 We combine a number of knit the next row columns with nakida 2
  • 09:20: lifting loop and each loop provyazyvaem post with sc so knit up roundings on the heels for knitting roundings on the heels need to do markup find
  • 09:50: the central loop celebrated marker reckon right 3 1 2 3 loop excluding central eyelet left reckon 3 also loop 1 2 3 the loop fix the marker in
  • 10:21: first three tabs provyazyvaem two column with sc 1 2 3
  • 10:59: the central loop marked marker provyazyvaem 1 column with sc following three loops one-two-three provyazyvaem two column with sc in each loop 1 2
  • 11:36: cream the other tabs provyazyvaem like usually every one loop columns with sc so knit up
  • 12:11: curvature at the toe make marks on the wear distinguish two the central loop these loops to the right and left reckon 3 loops two or three times and left 1 2 3 3 loops before the marker
  • 12:52: provyazyvaem in the following way each loop vyvyazyvayut 2 column with 1 sc 2 3
  • 13:25: These two central loops marked marker provyazyvaem follows in each loop of one post with sc following three
  • 13:55: loops provyazyvaem as in the previous case each loop 2 column with sc 2 thorens
  • 14:25: in this series I will move to yarn of a different color so the two the remaining loops I will be on the hook provyazyvat pink yarn and connect a series of It turned invisible
  • 14:56: transition is not gray I outline color I start vyvyazyvayut number of pink yarn two lifting loops and each loop provyazyvayu post with
  • 15:26: sc so you need to knit rounding up to heels begin vyvyazyvayut roundings on the heels select markers
  • 15:57: three secondary loop one two Three from these averages loops to the left and right reckon 3 eyelets 1 2 3 and in these three loops
  • 16:41: provyazyvaem two column with 1 sc 2 3
  • 17:11: loops marked marker provyazyvaem one post with sc 2 three three
  • 17:43: eyelets each loop provyazyvaem two column with 1 sc 2 3
  • 18:18: go on knit provyazyvaya in each loop of one post with sc so you need to knit
  • 18:50: rounding up to wear