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Children's slippers boots a hook with a double sole, 1 part. Crochet and knitting.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: welcome all lovers of knitting In this video, I I tell you how to tie children's boots with Double for sole work needed scissors two hooks markers in I hook
  • 00:30: basic knitting 2 half a millimeter and support 175 three millimeter yarn colors I have it red and dark blue milk color yarn better to choose volume 100 thunder uterus 200 meters start knit sole
  • 01:04: first vyvyazyvaya 15 stitches sc to do hook and the fourth one two three four loop provyazyvaem column with sc and so vyvyazyvayut 4 column with 1 sc knit 2
  • 01:35: go 4 will continue to knit polustolbik with sc 1 polustolbik
  • 02:08: 2 3 remaining loops provyazyvaem column, without sc 1 2
  • 02:38: 3 4 in the last loop provyazyvaem 5 columns without sc 1 2 3
  • 03:09: 45 on the mirror reflection repeat all the loops to knit last 4 column with sc in last loop
  • 03:39: provyazyvaem 6 columns with nakida January 2 you Ray 4
  • 04:09: 5 6 connective loop join series We will continue to knit columns with sc in each loop so to provyazyvaem
  • 04:51: roundings on the heels now we need to make Rounding on the heels of 5 loops January 2 3 4 5 provyazyvaem each loop 2 column with 1 sc ufa
  • 05:28: you Ray and the last four 5 times go on knit columns with
  • 05:58: sc to curvature at the toe provyazyvaya each one loop columns with sc Now knit 6 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 rounding on us to provyazyvaem two
  • 06:29: column with sc in each loop 2 3 4
  • 07:03: 5 6 connective loop join series such soles receive the latest number of sole
  • 07:37: I provyazyvat polustolbikom with sc at the beginning of 2 Air sc loop on the hook smuggles thread and 3 loops formed at the hook provyazyvaem together so you need to knit
  • 08:10: rounding up to Knit heel loop Loops 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 on the heels of provyazyvaem each loop 2 polustolbika with sc So do six times one two three 4 May six Rounding on the heels
  • 08:45: cut go on knit to rounding on a sock is knitted Rounding on the toe we find a center We reckon loop 4 January 2 April 3 in these loops 4 provyazyvaem each loop 2 polustolbika 1
  • 09:16: and spirit 3 4, knit 4 sts average loop provyazyvaem 1
  • 09:47: polustolbik with sc further four loops 1 2 3 4 provyazyvaem 2 polustolbika with sc let's
  • 10:22: Tory 4 last loop provyazyvaem 1 polustolbik with sc and connective loop join gryat outsole cut
  • 11:02: cut the thread hide tail inside out let I have sole
  • 11:38: turned 11 centimeters this way you need tie 4 sole 2 I knitted dark blue and two red We start vyvyazyvayut botinochek 2 related soles must be connected between the yourself
  • 12:08: purl side of the we are inside soles we add up the sole half and thin subsidiary crochet start provyazyvat sole together since face soles will be the sole dark blue is provyazyvat will
  • 12:38: dark blue yarn this is done so introducing between the hook in rows smuggles thread again between eyelets introduce hook
  • 13:10: We infer to the wrong side grab the thread and drags provyazyvaem loop and so the circle in each loop provyazyvaem sole
  • 13:41: knit sole cut the thread thread derive between the soles
  • 14:13: anchoring unit cut off the excess saitiny outsole not need for rigidity knit another
  • 14:44: a series connection exactly in the middle well as in the hall at the edges with this method of connection not the sole deformed and sags begin vyvyazyvayut lire the shoe first row shall knit but better crocheting more
  • 15:15: thin subsidiary we define the middle soles bend it it is about half this Collar hook introducing between the rows first row to tie columns with will sc 2 air loop
  • 15:47: sc on the hook and the hook is inserted between the in rows and so provyazyvaem
  • 16:31: first row