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  • 00:00: today we cold brew Porcelain is the secret this park is that He eats not do you can really love 2 glue and it will not rarely Well I am adding glue plasticizer here a time carpenter here are no special signs them there except there is no part of written plastificate 1 yellow and cook over It is very very bad
  • 00:30: this glue is necessary to take one third all show and very even cheaper endured the glue on someone but how borite I would not receive it very cracking but adding 1 Well Now doing this even just on that you all
  • 01:00: Basically get it is our secret pokora So we begin I cook a small portion of my many just need it wax 7 to 4 in which 17 milliliters asked what size naturally need corn starch nicat Krochmal and gave
  • 01:30: Spoon this dimensional I am verifies spoon ie unequal basically work out how just the same, they different so I clarify and so exactly the edge of losing that's how it is thick
  • 02:10: look out the window was passed spoon porn girls be sure to
  • 02:42: tip of a teaspoon citric. does not necessarily displayed since I I do little for so vaseline oil and glycerin literally foot care then take a little
  • 03:35: chicken and just such a a little far Well, perhaps we need gram and a half no longer too much not be able to stir my body care at extremely definitely longer certain amount nevmestno
  • 04:05: it turned out
  • 04:53: Such is the methane and by not only by on tire We attach to this
  • 05:35: stand here it is a constant and should not be here lumps Vitalina literally 5 seconds how to tricks He warmed at high
  • 06:06: and then diminish more that as the small
  • 06:56: quantity I do not have a cup mechanism in any according to plan and Moms all
  • 07:48: So he's not shooting and digested continue Now you understand what is his confession Now I'll show you what
  • 08:21: he stands by it It looks ostyvshem as such an approach here Then he lightly beat You see here a little bit like like like plastic frost I will not show bed personality material Now pack it Printing is also known as I froze four day but it will be less elastic weeks
  • 08:52: two will just a little where else is thanks plasticizer and at our natural wax vodka should be white just go to the dark I just department I buy things so well, what said about
  • 09:24: and what tatuha a useful feature I quiet hands and cream hands another well can bamboo good lubrication order and spread our button such a small
  • 10:02: quantity easy enough above so Rotaru something and do not receive care
  • 10:34: Well all you see it this single I initially. But it's not a problem tags too suddenly
  • 11:04: Rubber add More cream knead it on knead until state when comes completely smooth you more just show weight end to you understand that even so Littel a piece of it for a long time Latinka
  • 12:04: here's a little pieces there but he bye Bye some dance if further addressed. yet a business but as you can see here he is such a request, I have they like to work in We've got it even lie down
  • 12:34: I would be a little over in principle, not long defer until the day in I mean best all while potpisyvaytes on channel