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Haruni's shawl - knitting of the first ranks \/ shawl haruni we Knit with Lyudmila Teng  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: I continue talk about how to tie a scarf Haruna In this tutorial I will show I start knitting Lida we connected link on the ribbon you see on the screen and We begin to knit the first row of the first the resulting loop I rented and two more knit loops facial is we strawberry on goes face nakida sc front knit
  • 00:31: according to the scheme sc sc front front Well, then at the end of 3 face and an edge last I provyazyvayu the desired I noted violin the central loop Again knit 3
  • 01:01: edge loop facial and 2, the back row we knit purl it loops up to three last all past an edge knit facial And finally she again purl the better to Scientific chat bot
  • 01:31: It connected for two whale the entire front at night sale to knit on Scheme 3 loops an edge knit facial again in this We sc sc sc front face type front presses
  • 02:01: even just sc and facial 3 edge knit facial the past five seamy I have taken 2 a back row purl loops and
  • 02:31: night take cheaters here it is July 1 shoot 2 facial on sc and 2 loops inclined to the right We are looking at the schema farther sc front face nakida face 2 Loop
  • 03:07: together before nakida central and now look central focus Physics I needle I stick to the previous row It is not something that lies on spokes so will more beautiful more highly Reading along the front sc
  • 03:37: 2 together obverse facial such provyazyvaniya central power prompted one of the knitters she making center loop very beautiful and expressive and the wrong people do not
  • 04:07: I show knit The following number 1 as a 7 he always edge similar to the previous only added one front eyelet 2 leaves nakida together with slope right does not believe live it means about cuttings type score 2
  • 04:40: facial and facial 2 together with slope to the left Center cushion kai central peak loop provyazyvaem number below 2 loops nakida together with slope to the right 2 facial nakida front nakida 2
  • 05:10: facial loops together with the slope of the line sc and 3 loops with edge that we for turns Leaflets of the eligible two points What shook beginning share
  • 05:41: knit backing series that are obtained going for a number 9 is my acc always edge loops upon sc's edge see this tab early next leaf facial sc 2 together will complete leaf and 5 facial loops and 2
  • 06:13: together with slope and tomorrow you again first knit the new figure. sc sc front 5 weird hand like usually nakida front sc and you're brand new again leaflet will be 2
  • 06:43: loops together and 5 facial loops 4 5 2 inclined loop to the right concludes formation . in fact already subtraction and again formed by the new leaflet sc sc and facial Edge loops 3
  • 07:13: knit the next row wrong that we obtained after 10 of the back of a number of and begin to knit genocide and he, too, 9 is similar to the add widgets expanded points have new expanding leaves 3 bead loops recitation no
  • 07:45: sc front face and in front of foggy nakida well you it familiar engine Left facial 3 and 2 loops inclined to the right is what we continue leaf form farther
  • 08:15: sc front face sc sc and facial central. sc front again sc sc and facial face before the two together with the door knit inclined cry 3 loops facial 2
  • 08:48: together with slope to the right another leaflet formed face sc live singing and 3 edge We need one more of your sc and that everything that more and more
  • 09:21: become clearer gas as a purl usually next row knit 3 edge nakida 2 along the front I blame it on appeal
  • 09:55: blackbody 2 along the front 2 together obverse at the front right front front face 2
  • 10:27: facial important 1 with front 2 Lean to the left sc center pawn leaf 1 and 2 New on the edges of a dream nakida 2 together generally show knit in pattern
  • 10:58: forming sides big leaf 2 together with the complete slant tracks 2 facial facial sc 2 along the front nakida front and sc edge loop
  • 11:30: starting to cut 15 series which completes formation of the first leaves edge nakida loop 2 together with tilting the right 2 facial
  • 12:00: sc sc front front front face now We will knit 3 loops together I mean a loop translating to the right needle returns to the left so that it It seemed to be the center and provyazyvayu all loops just because I like obtained
  • 12:31: neat stuff then again three facial loop had died sc front face 2 together obverse front slope right on the cheat before central as the central usually at a number of places 2 along the front nakida with right slope
  • 13:03: Live face nakida sc front face front front and again loops together translate average on the right needle returns to left and provyazyvayu 2 2 along hinge leaf in this series and completed
  • 13:35: merge facial front nakida blow them forming face Generally the second row Mystics in the end an edge here first leaves for about different enviable and here we had at
  • 14:06: the sides of the 4 new leaf Estrada tie 17 number of edge loops as always sc front we live together inclined in the left This small and facial 5 2 again with
  • 14:40: tilted to the right forming the second leaf sc front nakida products will be the next number 2 leaves a loop with Lean to the left 5 Vishnyova facial 2 together with slope
  • 15:11: to the right all show all as the second embodiment you can make the slope to the right second shooting on right needle too rearrange them and provyazyvaem It may be all that is not here's another one leaf and facial flies here we plot
  • 15:43: manually rather central loop sc sc face 2 together with slope to the left 5 facial loops 2 loop with inclination to the right again sc sc front to look at the next
  • 16:14: number of leaves 2 together with slope Glebov 5 facial 2000 friends on the right cheat front nakida there will be a new the next piece of paper and edge loop so knit on as long as it is not necessary
  • 16:46: will vyvyazyvayut fringe for this we you need to make it even number cuttings on the right sides respectively, and how much pain the cuttings those already decide you firstly it depends on the size of the ball want a large or small and the thickness of the thread yarn and knitting needles
  • 17:16: the thinner the yarn longer need students