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LYuBAKS - an exact pattern - quickly on any figure.  See details »



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  • 00:00: building pattern 5 minutes to 5-7 minutes Now we are all I will do a quick I will call as soon not fit it Now give us informed we will remove a couple of steps and not often We will build quickly the pattern on the exact cry construct taking into account features figure yardstick we
  • 00:30: shoot, even without centimeters quietly We get along take a strip of paper It is not far behind lessons laid on the shoulders of that it could be the width of the back to see and define it and I second merochku Now take off to make breastplate tuck a good combination of all
  • 01:02: I can sit down I draw and cut out paste together and then we had example, so I will a little talk and both do here is now I do almost all My student is able to after passing courses is available
  • 01:32: any woman who I passed these courses well, of course despite what she sets the task if it be very tailor the virtuoso deal with it this We need at least 2-3 times a week
  • 02:03: I personally do not have a tailor I have a lot of other activities and other professions I'm a teacher I directed the singer lead and Vecherka This can here and kind of A couple of minutes build a pattern Well, that's Argue indeed for
  • 02:33: profession tailor he set the task It will make a raid and even faster than my a couple of minutes or how many there this techniques approach used shape analysis space, we do not
  • 03:04: removes many linear yardsticks and we here We trust your eyes and develop our good eye, built now rebounding from back details that Still simpler front and now we are front will do
  • 03:34: detail in the methodology lyubaks there is a concept universal a pattern that is patterns that almost good for any man well, of course you need substitute for you need to put
  • 04:06: value Normal Normal This unit of measurement who introduced the author methodology love Aksenov and so take advantage of even using units norm and concepts figure it harbored can create clothes virtually without fitting and removing
  • 04:38: small but Merauke compared with both This single procedure removed what there number paled here Of course you've seen here Dwemer I took looked some places shapes, and drawing you know your One gets the impression layout layout well accept
  • 05:14: her thoughts us layout built there and transform the pattern if we do not arrange there and fix that little change there where considered necessary Our network of courses people understood not simply here copied
  • 05:46: any ready model ready patterns copied and because spurred on itself and radically people to build already creatine itself given the particular namely specific figures because the main thing to suit sat and all that we are able to all this we it turns out now!
  • 06:17: I want to build more and wing arm wing arm so said method Aksenova very It is very beautiful It sits well wing arm usually so now Here we are now, we do ukolchik
  • 06:47: I built it people built and it closed with just a drawing no form no special although of course the settlements should look attentively Now we take notice glue to glue our
  • 07:25: leggings turn them procured procured pieces a bunch of pieces which procured we use to the layout your attention because to say no used to
  • 07:57: some mechanical activities slicing of scotch yells cut to become the best we to use on It kind of glue points
  • 08:27: I think everyone can see and it is clear that we have for stove called no one frame no installation break, we do not have all the that is called in Live
  • 08:57: there is the creation of layout and repeat that all this simply and easily and is available to any person I do plan to anything to make such Entry to me some girls both stood this is done some of my students graduate you stood
  • 09:28: and did it I will be even more impressive and how to calculate where I I invite Tanya bag and clothes we will see We got what we've got so rude and so omit hand here
  • 10:00: we are now laid So . will fix the tip of views and pastries and wing arm 1 show yourself to make it
  • 10:33: evident that our sleeve, our foundation absolutely each other absolutely fit meet each Here is such a friend