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  • 00:00: Hello everyone who watching this video this video I want tell how protect the knife from bystroreza or stainless steel from rust many of my subscribers ask and write either the fuck are you doing you knives of bystroreza of stainless steel how do you protect them from rust honestly I say rust they do not protect us just grease the thin layer lube and all and all, I decided to
  • 00:31: learn how to protect the knife from stainless steel from rust and a little I searched on the Internet all sorts of interesting ways many chemical ways and Naturally I need It was enough easy way to could repeat home there is certainly a way ways to nickel
  • 01:01: cover but it quite laborious and expensive and I found this is enough easy way now I have to you about it I tell this method It called oxidation of steel and iron than he is but let's comb you read what oxidation of steel oxidation of steel and iron is kind anticorrosive and decorative among such coating
  • 01:31: both ways phosphate chemical nickel-plating oxidation the latter is not the easiest not time-consuming require special of expenses what we need in What is it or even that that we need to oxidation of steel Well, we need to need be concentrated
  • 02:01: sulfuric acid I get it now I think not a problem capacity but It depends on the capacity It depends from your blade and water and will need to I am a 50 gram soap in general to us make oxidation of us naturally need to make solutions or fluid well oxidation let me tell you in
  • 02:31: generally taken I tell you all simply It was enough to 50 is taken clear percent water and taken 50 percent acid and all mixed with the acid necessarily observe equipment security use latex gloves goggles eye it all when you do I do do this is in the open
  • 03:01: air desirable and or well ventilated room in general observe equipment because security that sulfuric acid This is not a joke as well, let and after you have it all mixed you can do oxidation Oxidation what is just You immerse your blade to this solution Well, wait for when he activated
  • 03:32: before doing oxidation sure your blade smooth out well otpoliruete but this but not polished well cleaned and necessarily offend it so let me give you I show that I had c sidirovat But with my billet cutting blades are made not made of bystroreza and now I have them already oxidize acid coating enough
  • 04:04: obtained a resistant not scratch and that's how and I tried to scratch I drenched them from leaving on open air rust here on these dark surfaces no but mulberries there was little rzhach because there is not oxidation was make over Well enough It turns on by version turns such a layer is obtained
  • 04:34: oxides very stable cover, you see I scraping she scratched even so as yet I I covered here I have Here's a tongue I, too, from bystroreza it is also activated He left in the open moisten the air rust water, too no, and here is a cutter I have also such a resistant film oxides is not scratched
  • 05:04: nothing here is how you see you see this is how you can I think this is my fingernail scratched and the metal film itself enough proof so well, let make solution oxidation again
  • 05:34: I repeat all this it is necessary to do good ventilated indoors because allocated harmful vapor gas in total department protective gloves and Pour as much acid number It is in this capacity still forgotten it is necessary to say it acid grist they acid in water All poured and now we
  • 06:06: we do oxidation I will not completely do oxidation this blade this blade will do well, small part to make you it is clear and that you realized that this really It works to draw near as the camera again lone and immerse is
  • 06:40: quite stormy reaction produces such couples should definitely to do in ventilated indoors and it is desirable to their name and breathe it is how you see the process is quite fast so let's wash out
  • 07:30: it is a little bit in the water and We check our film oxides and so we erased Now this film is now continue oxidation to turned really resistant coating but I think, in principle,
  • 08:23: enough in my opinion it all water they manifest a resistant coating that's As you can see enough coverage resistant happened already I rub glove it is not washed off
  • 08:55: so remove the gloves so much so, wipe it all the cloth So as you can see such coverage It turned out quite stable So
  • 09:26: if for example you do not arranged such oxidize coating e.g. can you see after all you can continue continue oxidation Well, let's continue and see what we succeed This water was so absorbed again to the acid
  • 09:56: because what happens to first time immediately It does not work well then this should be repeat the procedure several times that He will set up a dream It creates a good coating but I think, in principle,
  • 10:56: enough again promoem water and We check what our coating turned so today I will wipe cloth from both see coverage It received excellent Remove gloves and here as you can see coverage
  • 11:28: turned a resistant dark already fingers erased Well, she did not erased after you have done oxidation in acid should be a sword or blank for a cutter carried out in the soap solution is taken somewhere 50 grams soap solution typed 50 grams laundry soap 1 liter of water all
  • 11:58: filled with such suitable container and put Nagasaki then the petition in this soapy water you somewhere in 5 minutes boil and your blade and everything after this can have use their knife and he had rust so much will not may not be implant likely will not be because then Now that the protective oxide film is very
  • 12:28: well protected from rust in the general Thank you for attention they loved put the huskies subscribe to my channel all good luck as well place of sulfuric acid of course it is possible try electrolyte battery but I do not tried but I know that within the electrolyte is
  • 12:58: is sulfuric acid general thank you for Attention in general, such proof oxide film happened