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Olga Nikishicheva. Quick coat (Coat in a hurry)  See details »



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  • 00:00: warm and light and it's very beautiful universal coat from the original tissue and replace the cloak and knitted sweater make it possible for evening at the base edge is a rectangle without side seams make beautiful flared sleeves and single cut collar It needs only one and a half meters of wool with a width of 150 I centimeters I offer to take textured double-sided fabric with one side of a thin plaschevka after another stockinet large weaving
  • 00:30: edge processed a letter from the skin 6 add up the front side inside No action and complex patterns simply take finished without foundation by her side seams we not at home sewn cardigan of plaid and We are putting it in bend and shear to encircle the shoulder point add neck both on the back We hold height collar and round off the edges of the sea base coat
  • 01:02: cut it in the light seam allowance sew shoulder seams close the skin edges PARTS goal new lap collar and fasten the collar neck left cut out
  • 01:36: respect sleeves only make them slightly flared cut down and We sew and fasten to armholes add the clasp new clothes pin can be try on It combines this elegant coat things any better
  • 02:06: just carry it with you the most common jeans and turtleneck Olga nikishicheva Igor Zakharov first channel