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Vest from fur for half of hour (Fur Vest)  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: original elegant and very simple is vest sew a fur can be their own hands and only half an hour at the base of the cut will be fur rectangle just cut out two oval armholes and sew beautiful lining the way this Vest can be worn on both sides fur or upstairs fur inside need only 75 centimeters on fur knitted basis width 150 centimeters and as much the silk add up
  • 00:30: the front side of the fur inside and shoot only one yardstick width of cutting back vest thing five minutes from the fold half note Measurements width back and put a stamp on the upper edge retreat 15 centimeters on this draw level rounded armholes length 20 and a width of 7 centimeters Rounding corners cut out the first one
  • 01:05: and then the second armhole Exactly should Now get this detail combine it with the silk, and they became his sewn along the contour leaving no wired
  • 01:35: aperture length 15 centimeters turn out workpiece and cut armholes lined treat them hand gently tucking the edges inside up q may try We put on a vest
  • 02:07: Dress like a fur cape or make of his jacket with belt It costs all the way Beauty 700 rubles no animal Olga suffered nikishicheva Alexander girl students first channel