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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: checkerboard pattern for to a and this pattern, we need dial a chain Points should be a multiple of four + here are 10 edge loop here I what we do, I'll lick checkerboard four by four I'm doing the first 4 loops front loop following 4
  • 00:33: Tunisian backing loop fourth Wrong and the last regular Tunisian column
  • 01:03: edge loop close all It is not very clear let's ryadochek means 4 facial 4 and lower hinges backstitches Tunisian
  • 01:38: loop and last simple Tunisian column is Kraeva so I happen close all the loops now it has become a fact
  • 02:21: days that is very like knitting the spokes facial if it purl Now I have 4 loops then there are 44 I see four rows further change that is starting first with 4 backstitches then 4 here is a facial sample linked more that is very similar
  • 02:51: But on knitting but it spoke If tighter knitting needles Bilateral here Generally the one-sided ie those cells of already possible associate product but will look enough interesting due But the game of light and shade