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DIY Kanzashi \/ Assembly of a multilayered flower of Kanzasha - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my name Anastasia Kulikova in this video Master Class I I show you how to make Here is a flower kanzashi and if you interestingly keep looking for us need white and red Satin 5 cm wide tape composed song It will be of six types lobe of the first type a double sharp kanzashi petal cut the petal parallel to the bottom the edge so we cut all the petals
  • 00:31: 21 do so Petal second type This sharp petal kanzashi with a strip to create this petals make two triangle and We put one in other just need 19
  • 01:16: such petals the third type is double petal kanzashi sharp round for work
  • 02:01: 12 require such four petals view this tab straw will do 10 such petals no fifth type is a double
  • 02:33: kanzashi petal from one square tape Do 10 of these
  • 03:07: petals main work behind We proceed to the assembly flower Flower will be five layers the pitch of each layer We will glue on the basis for the first layer take circle felt diameter half centimeter a second layer of petals
  • 03:43: glue on the circle a diameter of 30 meters petals of the third glue layer on a circle 5 cm During operation I
  • 04:23: I decided to dilute a third layer of another view petals This sharp petal with hole make them 10 pieces attach them to the time when we Collect your 19 layer 4 petals glue on the circle diameter of 6 centimeters during
  • 04:54: for the first layer take a circle of felt a diameter of 7 cm not all the layers are ready
  • 05:29: Now glue them each other in the us help small pieces of foam about 5 height millimeters glue on a piece of the basis of the fifth layer Then apply glue attach to the foam fourth layer in this way four layers of glue this flower it's time to sharp
  • 06:18: kanzashi with petals hole sticking them between the petals the third layer additional glue layers between them glue final first layer and decorate the middle of a
  • 06:51: attach it to the bead a polymeric universal glue fasten this flower I decided a baby povyazochki glue flower seam and close it with reverse side so we will hide the seam, and he did not will interfere these little
  • 07:21: model Thanks for watching
  • 07:51: creative you success do not forget comment on videos and put their evaluation subscribe to channel so as not to skip new video tutorials see you soon meetings