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  • 00:00: Hello to you Sergei Ivanov, and in this video tutorial I will show how to add the effect of the incident snow on your picture we will was such photo and I'll Now will show you how Here you can add such a snowball and the thus embellish your picture and so let's start shutting us You need a palette groups here we will document layers story here can cancel the last So start action file to open
  • 00:31: open our picture on which we will add snow and let's start immediately tell authorship is not mine to photoshop help my site there is such a word a lesson I want you now do you video a lesson that is authorship this foreign author I want now simply repeat and show you how you can add snow to create this
  • 01:01: new layer to crack Police stories here on this button and I call you snow Example twice By clicking on the essence of name it layer renamed there's a here's a way edit and we then enter the name snow and now here we need this layer fill with black food menu edit choose to perform Fill color choose
  • 01:30: and selects black Colour Come quickly or how so I'm not enrolled choose black and click ok and such All our layer fully given black color and then that's when turn it off it in Basically it is not visible so as I have I recommend more often
  • 02:00: save files save as eg call here snow so you always You can work in future your documents and Gulf in black now we have this the layer you want to add noise Filter menu choose Noise and add noise here Now put these settings 150 monochrome Gaussian nobody bothers you
  • 02:30: there put it there you can all here do in the eye that is not necessarily 150 Lessons were 150 you You can select any setting Gaussian monochrome press ok now all we need Our layer blur blur filter then any blurring the simplest is here blur and example can it again duplicate that is about to start we all contracts
  • 03:01: our little layer blurred continue work with him on Now look at it such a little Now we grayish necessary to achieve this effect that our snowflakes were They look black white white background color, and that is not separated from it Background for this we go menu image select the correction and choose the levels here look in front of us
  • 03:30: offer such she histogram responsible for distribution light tone on picture that is when grabbed by Left slider to the left mouse button and move his right our image Darkens if that's grabbed by right slider and move the glam our after all becomes Lighten up and now we necessary to achieve this effect when we have to black background that's precisely such White dots about something like that It can be a little bit
  • 04:00: move more to the right and I click ok All of us here are created this effect is further We need to change the mode this layer's blend I choose this layer Snow and choose Screen Look here when I used this setting pixels the top layer here of snow superimposed on a layer of background that is it They went to another when to use
  • 04:31: with on this screen a function of the fact that all dark or dark black pixels they are disappearing only the light there is in this mode, overlay layer leads you so Next we need to little blur our no he is now represented by dots 9 but we also need to do its a steep Yumemi filter and choose Blur motion blur
  • 05:01: that is, play with settings e.g. here there is already snow it becomes like more on cereals I click ok and here Look, he has a little washed away Now he is now in our falls under the a certain angle Well as you know the snow It needs to fall randomly To do this, copies of the layer likewise grab the left mouse button mouse and dropping in here
  • 05:30: Now I want display this layer horizontal 180 degrees and edit you transformation and Now here by to reflect on horizontally and reflected Now let slightly increase our and snowflakes Filter choose to think design and crystallization here Now moving here these here this slider we can
  • 06:00: adjust our effect example I shall insert 16 and click ok check out our all snowflakes began much more then is essentially But if you look so disable ennarda adding a layer add 2 already I get so much interesting and now just as you can amend this layer to blurring motion filter file and choose Blur
  • 06:31: motion blur there can be offset little increase 16 It can be a little bit change the angle and press ok here in Basically here and so simply can add your nickname picture and then you can stop and It can be for example as an author recommends that lesson here these two drain layer I pressed
  • 07:01: kontrol and two layers merged and now here there is just as well layer copy we see now he copied layer superimposed on Previous and these Now all the white pixels they have increased the We have a responsibility the brightness of our our layer too increase and now here used here we opacity can that is for this layer, and in fact for we can adjust snow on
  • 07:30: ie photos that's literally 5 minutes, we added our photo snow on it all before meet the following video tutorials if you have the questions to ask them with your comments was Sergei Ivanov