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  • 00:05: Hello angle order no whit bad talk all the way at least less less respected I listened to and then the sound of an interview Russian Service BBC girl wondering cause read I at least did not have time to know the opinion I I think if you believe that if you give or not to give
  • 00:33: this color fantasy poster at the cost of you can even have time to jump to the lawyer car there is no reason that this is a violation of but it is a violation of what the cause of death cause as it is so to speak when the defense in Ukrainian for us to get the fight has already led to such sudden interest violations more share and of the reasons for change
  • 01:01: Tarkan inspector when a person manufacturers, he should tell him the reason for the stop and build the right free acquired skills question I will not be we will play in their field Sutyagin someone from the main promoter of 14 years in prison for Superbowl More passengers diplomat and all of the conflict do Soon the right of defeat but of course we can for tomorrow elevated than in the west
  • 01:30: I have voted on that election was not presented possible abduction payment system If the price rose by 20 traffic police inspector is not They introduce themselves and talk to this Ababkov share a lot of debate that I move evidence Visitors to the properties of the park that right toy can be heard performances judging by the dignity According to the news source ria inspector As a passenger of the Volga says Anna Netrebko da Caravaggio
  • 02:00: fight because the question is whether he has the money it may look police officer We need to have to pay 1 February and noted then when the inspectors call the reason for the resignation of the law Pill swine Influenza inspectors recently to not You know the range of the piercing structure period ricochet percent of respondents incarnation to date have documentation important essence of the dispute on the question of whether it is only
  • 02:30: present they are already on a new look at it law by law it is the single Russian He gives credit Bank and to use benefits new car number to consult inveterate Sasha match such requests are present on the system East free travel in Moscow delivered to the police two witnesses stopped You can not see you hear me, you're missing SA call or not said prysiazhniuk origins cost pravoporushennya
  • 03:01: tentacles news you when the earth shall he be called the cause of the capture of Slutsk to the question of that that inventory on the production of milk cow pig is unclear while for the failure to maintain a protocol Be kind to create a show agreement about the pressure on and not recognize my the richness of the volume more than one thing I know Natalia Komarova provide a composition and then tried determine how well
  • 03:31: m but the task can go can see there square barschuk Andrei Vladimirovich, I do not I see and when you have your hands when really 25 as it is closed you completely clean purchases seen tell me I would himself comes to 150 MW is now the great
  • 04:02: again turn the icon has no problems Japanese Third World noticed Andrey Siberia Andreev himself to the audience the essence of the dispute the question of whether that was not initiated by the new then I can not at all a question increases in duties do not think that we are talking because if you have the samples back you there is reason to suspect that car stolen services you have it will satisfy him somewhere under glass that victory in our region is not what
  • 04:32: exit offense we feel and steve Myers rf Semenov declined sharply this year had no The Presidium of the villagers place and he Poroshina right and we make forcing them to KZT Inventory jurisdictions inspector then we do not call finance their right past and we We show and we show you everything
  • 05:00: documents the purpose of this post advance Alexandrina Fakhr al-edition designer Alexander Korotkov Oniani we Tariq Rahim village provide common projects Oleg Kashin riot 50 shares at a distance of 5 km per hour Roerich emergency call Inspector was the essence controversial Prapor already headed relatives would inspector finish tons written on suspension inspector should drivers but it becomes absolutely does not mean that he gave reason rests and actually there are 6
  • 05:32: government it's too much m consequences if it had not heard the inspector if there is no where that at a joint one team from Rostov spelled out on Monday this on a per tonne is lawful and so you they are called by their right of so you can not shoot the match we then we talk probably this is not costs the war is over we are still the same, we'll show you if they call off the table was Porush It will be for six months before the date
  • 06:02: will point so bad they know very well Tripoli profit figure was meeting confirmed the minutes a source we can live Sport I want to become the price ratio so we explain that we will show no He declined to comment she'll show you exactly when you call are but soon got on what language you generously Gazprom says I you to explain because you read the rules more 20 written when referring to December
  • 06:30: also called legitimate reasons for stopping Art on the loss if there is no such you can easily call it a name looks bombed, he called for food pravoporushennya this cause and stop Now the main thing to get your Andrea Pirlo GIS number units east no conference attending to the question about what What's not clear Vishnjakova girl I have the Black Sea region in English to communicate
  • 07:00: you know what widely noted that communicate on English was in these animals however, at least I think passengers that they say is the risk of contact with English communicate in principle a year I do not understand you more than they sold in the English I can help carry the language article ask you on the essence of the applicant side ensign that you all premieres Southeast wind May 10 m south
  • 07:30: worry us not forget that something is not right changed in particular Article According to the inspector I will personally again five more times for them even knowing the law well I know the laws so I'm waiting for moment when I can but I'm told that in the framework of law a new law now I ask you please be so kind as inspector we have not shown a very low rate among The dispute is now about Nazareth offense we will show you all the necessary documents that the law requires the law stated in the rules I
  • 08:01: I can see it is written permutation inspector must call the law on the reasons lately dismantled dismantle questions asked and then written on the sun the be kind bogey os windows 7 tune well, and the children from my side paper masks but want to have the dangers of with my hand articles tell slogan defeat m have illegally Why stopped laws win
  • 08:31: competition seconds to call home Suslov grandparents 2 tbsp one of the five Chambers stirs the water but the reason for stopping the fine name of the court want documents 4 you own refusal only on a problems show themselves political instructors give rebuff call Slutsis best-in loss just as they l barrack