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  • 00:00: Hello we continue our lessons with you, Sergey Ivanov today we'll talk it is time to work with subtitles adobe photoshop program so that all the same filters is special teams that allow us to fast enough add a photo different prefects so for and on the other hand if the photoshop program
  • 00:30: that is, it is top menu there need to choose a filter here but the victim of various filters so now I while he which I most often Job at various premier let's start for let's go through the whole list
  • 01:02: Court is the last the latter is used filter that was used, and that's you can simply press the key combination circuits it will be repeated on Smart Telecom let's begin filter gallery Choose a picture that's an example of this walk filter USD USD filters enough very convenient feature is the filter gallery
  • 01:33: here is All these filters collected in one place possible here at home selecting the left mouse button the filter itself then that's left of the window to see this effect will it have if we're BP rake capsules and now here on the left we have a result that we We obtain a right Three familiar faces
  • 02:03: then movement these sliders we can Here are a variety of effects ie here defeat in a few clicks we add the photos are very interesting effect For example, let's applicable
  • 02:30: pressing Vice premiers so now let's But back then there we go more history you politruk this story is you choose to invite necessary go button menu select we this story So in this policy, you can cancel the action This you know already here so let's take back yet he wanted to say he beginning to overtake
  • 03:00: the beginning of the addition of any effects on the photo, it is desirable make a copy of meters later Frame transfer to a leg break ice Paes crust Athos can generally disappeared principle we until needed yet I wanted to say what wanted to say that is, when over the selection of Floyd
  • 03:31: and we no longer distinguish anything in our conditions accordingly Effect will be applied to all of our pictures but if we give them choose some sort of area Our pictures are the effect apply selected area is to be understood Examples of filters to check filters
  • 04:00: and so for purchase ie the prefect used only the new long ago war let's go to to consider work effects so here right I told let's consider the correction filter Further
  • 04:30: this filter It allows correct It allows you to fix for later distortion so let's look at this example so here then the lessons I have prepared here is image if look on him offensively as a royal
  • 05:00: building rough expressed let's try transfer them blooded state So start make a copy now he business following the cortical examples will not make a move channel you will remember that it is desirable street better with a copy of the original so make copies
  • 05:30: Demmeni filter correction will play more art a source So and now here are these are the main features that there is we can mix the grid and many this tool It allows you to change the distortion in the photo stretch to meet
  • 06:07: pressing on we can always but why keep the Alpine will appear ask so we can go back to the original value so here Is not this allows you to align for expression of potassium visas let's
  • 06:38: Further is going ordered but then automatically Koreans remove ordered Now we then wonder we can change zoom later letter perspective let's take a little have the prospect
  • 07:02: rubles welcome not to take this tool and line well past
  • 07:39: m n about the vertical
  • 08:21: but if the price to play lines you can get a good result
  • 08:35: square see background was she was tired of Yeltsin perhaps worth adding sharpness field population field and brass here here Ed's we will see And so the cube and like this
  • 09:00: enough in good him impregnation exhibition we talked, let's close this photo ap farther we do not have the name of the filters in the afternoon and so plastic filters on plastic but here it is image so let's filter choose plastic
  • 09:34: waiting for something plastic oh why active filter serves as data through this center is to make it if the US picture Deputy Prime 0 is less than a little brush 5 and the party's handbag try just click the left mouse button
  • 10:04: push-blowing m our image you stretch then here here here on this machine best hour hand press left thinking button twisting occurs premiere then you can
  • 10:33: all increases then called Left button 4 km begins increase but little by little the common herd then I added here He added It can be done scarf
  • 11:01: there is also instrument well enough correct defects on ap photo that is here and so move
  • 11:35: can on the picture if you choose this tool from the freeze that is when painted area and start apply some sort of effect Now these tools tonnes respectively, so all that's horrible Here in the area but not frozen moves it is very convenient
  • 12:00: So here unfreeze services power etc. many other setting if you want to in details You can sit down and sort out let's kraytsentre to move on to another So it is further down the list Vanishing Point is a very
  • 12:33: three tool it allows edit picture and wherein work in the same plane that is plane does not let me show you to change remind perfect twitter remove Vanishing and so can the arrest of a plane which we will work
  • 13:01: let me show you how right now can copy Here's the figures its planes but then never heard summer make the plane look like this Lesun plane Now let the priests and personally
  • 13:33: now here uniformly over the plane, we distribute tedious Now here it is possible to create another plane take eliminate Station Astana I am more rigidity draw 3 How it works stamp you already know winter
  • 14:00: cat and the left mouse button we choose the best stories in May choosing our mountains we click on the left mouse button let and now he just video we are using the left mouse button we can not copy and most importantly look
  • 14:30: our going up in one plane ie agility we Let's not change for foreign cars we will see There's a football on the function so that use let's close that we have going on here If we examined further There are many different filters
  • 15:02: show author The main feature that I work with about a year let's fight back like this image show how to add the highlight ie trends and now here we click Left-click on the image 0 dozens of examples of and now here I want to add a highlight Brovtsev overfeed
  • 15:31: clicking You can adjust the brightness settings now flare literally Rattvik bacteria even in May as you can see so easy to add a person image so what do you need
  • 16:01: show take this training from universities but still wanted to show that it will content what he home used some sort of filter can weaken his actions weaken his action name editing, and here it will weaken and here you can
  • 16:30: relax here all filters approximately 50 per cent, and select the mode established here let's undo actions who for a year can be shown in this picture close move on to the next picture here
  • 17:01: as I said before ie many photos but when outcome of the game companies and when we open them approached the her It does not look sharp no sharp that is, whether they need to add to add sharpness and sharpness I filter UAH village field here can, in principle, to choose love sharpness available credit availability I like the sharpness of brass
  • 17:32: for it depicting a man at the same time created sharpness hot vod range normally and more units where the effect well, how to cope true also important not to overdo scout apart so here
  • 18:01: was seen photos became much burn rev counter press so pressing the uterus 5 that is, we talked to file what else so I decided like to wish the filter blur but the example given hour basically
  • 18:30: blur for example, and let's Tyva image do it copy layer Eugene selecting filters blur many early choices let's pick radial blur put people annular amount more post
  • 19:02: cues about 5 storeys questionnaire happened Half an hour thousand head of Kiev 19 years Now let's take a gum take reduced female rigidity Klitschko It can be a little Kremenchug transparency and let under a canopy bed
  • 19:31: removal the part where identified our so here Now let their grain and transparency one hundred percent future f it is one of the ways people
  • 20:02: background so what else can you show such filters m to ca. cisco standard lots of and it is quite an interesting filter Now reduce the noise
  • 20:31: it happens take photos photo especially in the dark, and there appears very lot of noise calculation the filter is less than you can take go about seventy percent the past so here we are about countries standard dust filters talk someone else can
  • 21:00: add sides if they are commonly called plugins it is a separate program that arranged photoshop to add plug-ins and various additions 1 will expect 5 about all this to tell you thank you for your attention and a pleasure to work program and the photoshop
  • 21:31: I was with you Sergey Ivanov so see you soon