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  • 00:06: enough to In order to lose weight 10 kilograms of two weeks my claims sports girlfriend they somehow meet we love to put before a decent It seeks to challenge targets under your direction but as a method of It referred to simply breathe course Me know what the secret that all assists in 15 minutes day spent on it activity will bring
  • 00:30: a whopping results and I would it is still called fitness for a lazy I get a lot of questions about this type of weight loss and today we talk about Bodyflex author of the complex Bodyflex US house ruler to Greer Childers for Relief elementary warm chef It was that the day takes look for him with the rights special breathing and I gave you on scantily 10 kilograms of total 2 thousand Zhinkov squared but not Social mole skin its opening It left on the mantle and
  • 01:00: new light in all 15 H1 and its release on eac butter in the sun to the same for sin is highlights there have bee flints simplest physical rules 3 just a block from the rest and Bodyflex this exercise technique calculated on breath holding lead to increased absorption of oxygen of blood cell that turn leads to increased cleavage additional particularly deposits adipose cell Clinton Bodyflex allowing Peter's
  • 01:30: normal immune system on a chip hour chosen because coming true massage guts to sixth Leah correct and injuries himself and ulcers pundits at home from the shores to go to but I puts SAVKIN selfish bacteria regulators immunity in humans these are the floor exercise this still more breathing but still if just breathe already will go the extra kilograms course you should always start with a simple learn to breathe first just standing in front of mirror remember hard enough so get used to breathe say deliberately
  • 02:00: Yes, we do not usually think about this and here we active at once We feel the blood saturated oxygen and may occur even small dizziness and alternate with time it is necessary to pass stay a little bit breath and then We have to continue on if there special equipment then still breathing added exercise may there is contraindications frequent nosebleeds headache sleep disorders and part of the heart the problem is it is an contraindication these classes
  • 02:30: miracle sport wants but let's say breathing view which we have begin to Nadia viewers and expensive our studio audience ready to breathe yah then proceed the first thing that you need to make it fully exhale all the air by mouth every the last drop You do then abruptly inhale air through nose as much as possible many and again exhale rapidly through the mouth after
  • 03:01: this detain breath square one's shoulders sit rovnenko ready to make a full exhale through the mouth through the nose sharp exhalation through mouth breathing delay We detained on hold consider ten nine Eight-seven stomach 765 inside 43 more tolerant 21 and make tolerable again a deep breath sharp exhalation through a sharp breath through his mouth
  • 03:31: nose sharp exhalation through mouth breathing delay and again we consider September 10 8 7 6 mm stomach straight pulled by ribs deep endure detest and exhale breath longer only 50 percent of all business this we will try to still linked to exercises and I would I would like to invite someone to to us participated in our
  • 04:00: training who want to let's approach as us while I bring mats percentage of I bustling with very very and nice man striped sweater let us also on Hello how you name Gregory Gregory July Gregory someday engaged Bodyflex when they first the bustling life you have no but we heard something I heard and you do We are trying to lose weight anywise I understand that now you do not need but suddenly one day various diets and
  • 04:31: Fitness Pilates me but like Bodyflex can be if you connect to the something else doing the will It does not forgive Bodyflex It never hurts because we have a very little oxygen our body and little oxygen it cellulite and poor sleep and poor digestion Gregory you You feel you breathe well yes yes we are We check it out now! in order to Gregory successfully doing he may undressed and undress
  • 05:00: in order to do Bodyflex not necessary nothing our first exercise to the meeting We collected all the fingers elbows do we omit this we exercise aimed at strengthening the muscles in the arms and chest muscles lap slightly prisognuli It can be a little bit even round the back so it will be more convenient feel like retracts the stomach and She pressed her fingers one hand to another that's not the palms just as it is fingers at once you feel that included breast muscles there is doing
  • 05:30: We do full breath exhale through the mouth sharp intake of breath through the nose so loud it was I heard a sharp exhalation loudly through time breath holding draw in the stomach and Within ten accounts actively presses hands with one hand on another during the 10 account you must become incredibly hot active already sweating It begins after 3 exercise remember that oxygen connected with fat and produces water and heat
  • 06:00: hold 321 and soft breath well we It is the third time deep breath full sharp intake of breath through the nose sharp exhalation through mouth draw in the stomach tightens the stomach thereby massaging our intestines accelerates all processes that stagnant suddenly found actively keep davim 54 from remember about you three two one and a soft breath our first an exercise finished these muscles They were involved but but we felt suddenly there
  • 06:30: explains how This muscle is called it chest muscles have breast and wrinkles out so here and here and biceps arm muscles dark rage n-probably tightened his arms and pulled chest Gregory expressed here the assumption that when we stand with retracted abdomen more and sleep at all visibility muscles press tightens so to speak live complete ideal study press it when we draw in the stomach and We are trying to keep him inside it forms our muscular system
  • 07:00: men make a thin waist and broad shoulders back and chest as the Grieg they dealt just one an exercise go on for the next exercise you need short distance we will have put on foot in set aside legs Shoulder Width hands up against in knees hips knees slightly bent then we we will not do inhale exhale yes Now that all our breathing techniques and breath-hold we will dismiss right foot to the side putting on a sock left
  • 07:31: elbow on knee good stretch but only for the hand do not forget to keep up leave all clear here we will be well I feel like from toes to fingers hands have stretched flat line and no no way bend arm trying aside will let's do set aside that right leg synchronously beautiful prepared and do not sleep starting with the fact that many are on the width shoulders rested well good hands here you feel like village went belly full exhalation through
  • 08:00: a rare breath through the mouth nose blow loud the ford detained breathing well pulled the navel loin put aside set foot elbow so now aerobics began and Gregory belly tucked up stand and all the time, all the time well-pulling Now stretch it Now keep distance three more hold two more beautiful red Panties another and return back here for what
  • 08:30: you called Gregory chasing and exercise is invented very special a frequent situation when while breathing exercise people It starts coughing the body tries to cleansed if suddenly you quit the Bodyflex just and if not indispensable We threw it certainly will think that it is time throw because impossible to do exercises all the time coughing at me phrase you smoke Gregory throw that year or I cast or not cast a little bit pregnant there's no such thing We perform the same
  • 09:00: another new full exhalation breath through a long nose exhale through the mouth breath holding live and tightens pull the left leg immediately left arm We put on elbow good to delay abdomen slightly Curl are drawn We are drawn are drawn We keep 32 Aries so we do three times in one side and three times the other side of well Pull your dog no sagging Parts of jeans of trousers is not threatened following exercise we will do with you
  • 09:30: bottom floor become a tax team set aside that right foot back flat socks good We pull over very very We stretch the well We feel that we distribute the weight between the elbows and Knee me no more forward not backward rovnenko on stretch the middle, socks well over We do a full exhalation through the mouth in a sharp breath through the nose sharp exhalation through mouth draw in the stomach breath-holding, and raise the right leg as high as possible detain 10
  • 10:00: brushes and well we feel buttock very very stifle buttock keep-keep-keep more more more Gregory can breathe already in once Inhale but people take and hayut and Gregory finish add well Command I have the option not alter on Now I exercise question let's you promise that you still stop smoking than it is now and the promise brooch yah let
  • 10:31: us students radio if they see wife if they see all shame just great still on his knees let Gregory let's ask strike sharply wants / thanks to you considered I promise to hand exactly I promise the reader painted all good deeds to today I will do quiet no wonder you
  • 11:00: I went to become boat other leg the left We set aside and went try the same thing you so full through the mouth and you do dear just breath breath holding draw in the stomach and remount the other leg the most up way like ask you warm all friends so you do can not breathe your simply hold the above 54 knee keep smooth 3 sock on the sock himself
  • 11:30: 21 and descends perfectly well I see that trying Paz it you are a super grams once even a fever went here's what I I said just above this exercise has there is a feeling Gregory has an easy perspiration appeared Dacha important to you do not forget to talk where you can breathe knocks out our T-shirt following exercise Now we show You will repeat themselves and we'll stage control right foot
  • 12:00: set aside aside do just full exhalation sharp intake of breath through the nose blow We hold the breath draw in the stomach and We try to keep up raise the maximum high and hold elbows while keeping Smooth keep hold We hold and feel how it works is not good well tightened outside hip three two one and descends perform three times on right leg and 3 times 0 let's your turn
  • 12:31: Gregory correct the bustling installed We come up against on a palm hands thoroughly monitor for in order to always were flat Gregory your right foot bustling your left foot in side of the sock is good We pull over drop the shoulders and went our respiratory exercise full exhale through the mouth Now we will lose weight of each breath a sharp breath through us sharp exhalation through loud mouth draw in belly detain breath raise the leg as much as possible
  • 13:00: holding high the palms standing on the floor more-more-more bustling higher up above feel buttock good hold 543 more elbows 2 straighten another and descends matza it was not easy this is one of the most complex exercises because they keep leg so Julia did not lie to a very, very hard yes but Daddy will catch up on the sides will be nothing everything will hang
  • 13:30: there are still beautiful and exercise our fifth exercise latest completing this complexes put his feet do a little wider full exhalation breath through the nose sharp exhalation through mouth draw in the stomach slightly rounded camping back more than glued pupochek loin begin hands move We go forward as much as possible more remains these can be press Me you feel like live leaned more 321 more deeply and gently back with breath back in this
  • 14:00: we exercise very good tightened internal thigh surface and no laxity is not threatened and in addition well we pull the neck and spine and how many times to to do so in the previous exercises this exercise perform well, three times that as your feeling yul will be cool Gregory will make you that more like breathing or exercises to do or they to me like how here your colleague does what's the third Exercise 4 beautiful
  • 14:30: all very noticed and while he still had time to train very strange that and we need to keep and breathe and detain therefore calories spent just crazy way and how long have that will significantly classes Bodyflex I have not been in vain for two weeks this is the period when you really feel changes and not only changes in their the form of their volume window and the color will improve face and skin quality and so it was
  • 15:00: breathe properly and on This will not only but healthier more beautiful