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  • 00:00: hello people this kind the video will not be very special I'm already told me about that bought naiser daser course and how would I he became Interesting furnace apple pies done very quickly but I do not know now I will teach for a number apple pie to us three apple two eggs 100 grams of creamy oils sugar flour salt a little soda a little vinegar for in order to pay off so let's start first we must
  • 00:31: peel apples I do not particularly bothering so we say on simplified technology apples in advance washed I take and just cut them out core now on backyard winter apples something for a long time no one ate so you have to start them in turn for so that the product does not has deteriorated
  • 01:01: and so we cut apples this is so sika and all unnecessary me wolf is especially this will spoil 6 so throwing out the trash
  • 01:32: I will say beforehand that the oven should be warmed up somewhere up to 200 degrees time baking cake average 20-30 minutes that we will do further Further here is this oil we reheat microwave oven in order for it melted continue cook apple
  • 02:03: Pie and do not proceed directly cooking first thing break 2 eggs throw out what I need need knocking down different I personally use mixer to me so it's easier and more convenient not to I love to bother
  • 02:33: with it so on add sugar add a little bit salt is quite a bit straight kapelyushechku and left the swing as you see the mass of microwave oven quite a very well arranged now I will find my
  • 03:08: and mix and so mixer included in the network whisk neatly quietly shook slightly include the first speed first speed and chime garnish neatly neatly that's what We are so rest mass gradually
  • 03:43: gradually increase speed enough so now we add a glass of flour and
  • 04:13: principle, you can add our i I will finish it was possible so they saw there such a few poured into principle of 250 grams sugar I still have enough no vanillin isolated the same thing rather specific to whom
  • 04:43: like add who does not like not add and so here is the same number flour and sugar fall asleep whisk mix carefully here of course You can all interfere spoon but
  • 05:13: Cossack 21 century in the yard so that's what we have here It turned out if this video look mistresses I think they are me will understand you need to pay off vinegar 100 what is it ordinary soda is taken is given the usual vinegar it's done
  • 05:48: next to the tea-room spoon we take a little soda here is about so much and it also fill vinegar and the same com in we put the dough so now I'll clean it up the box does not melt the species is reborn common here is something like this about and now abruptly
  • 06:20: disturb final stage preparation of dough we add apples which we knitted
  • 06:51: before us here chopped apples add as this our saucepan that's why this pie this will continue apple because it's enough a lot of apples you and all also admix mix apples with
  • 07:22: test for baking us need a form they will say a thorn slightly later Here we have something like this by appearance reminiscent of salad olive is obtained many times for tastier guys are real for cooking
  • 07:52: the road takes about 20 minutes but this is my favorite pie means All we got homogeneous mass there is nothing beyond to conjure it to us No longer needed accordingly we we remove the garbage here baking dish you need to use this is the kind of paper that cake burnt it out
  • 08:22: standard is called slightly cut off how much do we need me usually do not use animation nichche there you can of course lubricate paper and but I do not consider it necessary procedures because so everything is fine strengthens we put paper with
  • 08:58: an ordinary spoon table we will dump the weight in the pan now the oven
  • 09:42: heated up to 200 degrees and we respectively put pie let the oven a little bit spreads out Osama can stand a minute so three minutes 3 and after that we put that's what we have here it turned out to be such pie our cake in the oven estimated time cooking about 30 minutes left about 14
  • 10:13: minutes to preparation of our pirogue as you can see already pretty good browned so half an hour passed our cake is ready to make sure that the cake I'm ready to stick probe at this thermo probe I I will tell in one of excel from their reviews Let's see
  • 10:48: what temperature will show what is the temperature inside the pie order 100 degrees have passed already more than fifteen minutes and better with ovens I believe he is ready to all Thank you, good bye by