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  • 00:00: we will enclose the bottom of the split form with parchment paper I took a shape with a diameter of 26 cm the sides of the mold should not be oiled oil will prevent the dough from rising You can lay parchment not only the bottom but also the sides of the form
  • 00:30: break the eggs and separate the proteins from the yolks do it very carefully not a drop of yolk fell into the proteins otherwise the proteins will not break for the same reason, a bowl in which we will whisk the proteins should be clean without traces of fat and dry flour sifted can be sieved 2-3 times this will enrich it with oxygen
  • 01:00: and biscuit will be more magnificent to the yolks, add vanilla sugar and half the norm of ordinary sugar rub the mass with a fork or a whisk While it does not turn white and does not increase in volume several times whip the whiskers at the minimum speed of the mixer
  • 01:53: as soon as they slightly foam increase the speed of the mixer to the maximum when the proteins begin to thicken And from the corolla there will be a distinct trace start gradually pouring the remaining sugar
  • 02:25: You need to beat the whites with sugar to a strong foam When the bowl is tilted, the squirrels should not pour out whipped is not enough continue whipping now the whites are whipped in strong foam
  • 02:57: yolks once again we mix and add to them a third of the whipped proteins gently mix sift flour
  • 03:29: and mix we shift the zhelki with flour to the proteins the dough needs to be gently mixed blade movements from bottom to top tests mixed it cooked and we
  • 04:06: we pour the dough into the mold bake a biscuit in a preheated to 180 degree oven approximately 30-35 minutes if the finger is lightly pressed biscuit springs and takes its shape he is ready carefully separate the biscuit from the walls of the mold turn on the grate
  • 04:51: and leave to cool soak a biscuit syrup can be no earlier than 8-12 hours after cooking biscuit is ready for a pleasant appetite!