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  • 00:00: hello today cook stew potatoes with mushrooms one bulb clean wash and chop small cubes on our website videoculinary.ru or in Russian in videoculinary.ru cooking section Tricks You will find 4 onion slicing method and methods of cutting other vegetables 250 grams mushroom wipe clean with damp
  • 00:30: cloth and cut cubes with side 1 one centimeter Two hundred kilograms grams of potatoes clean and my cut into cubes with side 1 centimeter deep frying pan with thick bottom Warms 100 grams vegetable oil or butter laying prepared onions fry up transparency adding prepared potatoes lightly warm up
  • 01:01: stirring add sliced mushrooms season with salt 1 teaspoon salt spoon mix add to potatoes with mushrooms 100 milliliters of water cover with a lid We make small fire and simmer until availability of potatoes about 40 minutes finished stew potatoes with mushrooms mix spread on a dish and serve
  • 01:31: serve stew with potatoes mushrooms as a side dish or how independent dish on our website videoculinary.ru or in Russian videoculinary.ru section side dishes you will find risotto recipe mushroom recipe potato stuffed mushrooms and other recipes are very tasty Garnish with mushrooms inspiration luck and Bon Appetit