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  • 00:09: April thousand eighty-seventh in the town of Bay Myra that coast of Asia Minor includes ships sailors landed and decidedly We went to I place more than seven Ages relics
  • 00:30: one of the most revered saints Nicholas
  • 01:01: and since they were merchants sailors They often visited Myra in Lycia saw that the city is in plight over the territory dominated Seljuk Turks resident of the city during the day were it a We left the city at night We went upstairs to some fortified place a self assessment remained only monks linking monks aliens hacked sarcophagus stolen
  • 01:30: precious relics and plunging them on ship in a hurry We went to town Bari the events of that night on They are still to Some great sadness other great gladly another 100 after a century Translation of the relics Nicholas in bar Was installed special holiday devoted the bringing of the relics this is not a holiday
  • 02:00: He knows the universal church because they for many in particularly for We in Poland gifts This traumatic event actually offices in search Patriarchate lost the relics of Nicholas not the miracle worker at least for Russia this day was perceived as feast therefore Russia there is a tradition is not on Orthodox east celebrate Memorial Day
  • 02:31: Nikolaitch 22 times winter and spring and I did because of your you sit on a break sheets complain high, and I think rich at all svjashchennonachalija Nikola cross pain god power sergeant
  • 03:01: a hundreds Nikolai They are one of the most revered saints in the world since He lives with his perceived as intercessor before God
  • 03:30: for all the offended hungry insulted them are in trouble during his lifetime he gained fame and miracle worker zealous brought before God Moreover Nikolai wonder-worker perceived as almost Russian holy so great and veneration in Russia
  • 04:05: he from the very first work style Nicholas is his acts of the 3 lines LVL are all well known and which tells how as the saint saved that's illegal executions
  • 04:30: 3 at the beginning of the nobles city residents and the world his hometown and then 3 lines LVL 3 find Sgiach warlord who Anna was a hello Prefect in Mawlawi Life of the saint and Nicholas the wonderworker Archbishop Myra It said combining gentleness with ferocity hierarch of Christ without any fear He snatched from the hands of the executioner sword, he threw it on land and then
  • 05:01: freed convicts men from the bondage All this he did with great boldness and no one dared to stop him because that his word was imperiously and actions it was divine power he was great before God and all the people did before we are faced with an image
  • 05:32: person really actively interfering in a life when the execution of innocent when convicted abducting parents young son and make him a servant of the holy Nicholas did not thinking rushes to the rescue vitalich boil is our
  • 06:00: modern Social worker we all remember the story he helped what to save residents of Myra from starvation all he Polunin night for deliverance summer house of one man poor from defilement throwing ds node and gold and thereby provide normal without vicious life for young girls known eating
  • 06:30: according to which he with great jealousy I reacted to that heresy yar ari I am preaching blasphemy against son of God three hundred and twenty-fifth the emperor Constantine the great It collects in a universal dogs among 318 fathers Cathedral Archbishop Nicholas He writes the author of the Life he courageously stands against the wicked Aria is not only teaching
  • 07:01: word and deed hitting apostates and it beckons may stay Nicholas took participated in the first ecumenical council but I did not stay till the end and therefore not signed acts of the cathedral is not the most ancient is information and the fact that he relief that Cathedral Aria gave him slap in the face for which he was imprisoned in literary form the first time this story
  • 07:30: found almost not in the sixteenth century but apparently this story has some more the ancient origins in any the case of the saint Nicholas in the already Since early retained praised as defender of Orthodoxy How should advocate truth of faith against the Arianism and wrestler with paganism which destroyed main pagan temple sanctuary Artemis and then destroyed when the destruction of the pagan temple has not yet been Permit officially on law
  • 08:03: at the end of the earth life St. Nicholas He was buried in homeworlds Lycian once saint of modesty is not his I dare to take priesthood but once in a dream he was the savior in all his glory and Holy Mother of God
  • 08:31: entrusted to his shoulders and svjatitelskogo omophorion around the tombs saint at his temple worlds exist many stories have They reflect many namely episodes Early Byzantine stories connect them into one for the first time I come to mind Michael archimandrites in the first half Ninth century tenth century such and such
  • 09:00: admirer of the saint Nicholas came to head and her complement life writing Mikhail Archimandrite episodes from the life of another saint bishop Nicholas Canarian and which I lived two centuries later statistics Vajgar Nicene this is the life made up of two and became the basis for all subsequent biographies St. Nicholas However, the most important St. miracles Nicholas for which it so revered and like Orthodox people are like
  • 09:30: visits to ancient light nicholas Myra holy fourth century
  • 10:16: May a thousand eighty-seventh the ship with private relics He arrived in the city of Bari
  • 10:32: late 11th century southern Italy He was captured Norman Byzantium lost control of this region is But in this era of the bar I lost this one capital status related stay there governors Byzantine the emperor and respectively losing this status residents bar or lost in the Many sources their income course
  • 11:00: the fact of the transfer relics of St. Nicholas it largely It was due to economic moment because residents bar they accurately calculated and when they moved power in 1087 the calculation was faithful stylish Kalay the actual feed this city this within the region many centuries because Barry became one of the centers European sex even swimsuit if Nikolaev that era We read not only in the Orthodox world certainly he read
  • 11:31: the saints in the whole of Europe must be on nature original idea this removal belonged to initiation hospital just take this
  • 12:00: idea and it could do before like It is known from the life from the history the transfer of the relics St. Nicholas it is the time of export held in high hurry residents nearby villages to the rescue guard so physically and boritsya could not for a long time hold near the relics they had it around 20 minutes, and that's This brief moment has not allowed they withdraw completely the whole body all the power
  • 12:30: St. Nicholas we know that the sailor Matthew mattel that He took away the power of the crayfish filled world I went inside to its sailors shoes and indeed he hosts crabs and seeing all nights in a hurry crushed significant the amount of seed bringing relics saint whom I had the fact that in the Middle Ages named pious through robbery some years Venetian who as well being
  • 13:00: familiar with their worlds We visited our elevator Boris robbed us sarcophagus taken from he is survived by small bones are not satisfied This opened the floor base river and pulls out and three more bodies that announced bodies St anyone his Archimandrite uncle Monastery and she its forerunners to the fox and finally one Theodore the confessor all three thunder and honored Now the candy itself
  • 13:30: San Nicola church Lido lead and I have it in ancient times Byzantine Province with time became independent but religious tradition East had on Venice is very large the influence and when it is time to Crusades it is time weakening of the Byzantine Empire and robbery to Sorry Orthodox Christian Venice of the East was first interested Power is to
  • 14:01: Orthodox shrine power exported It is here for moisture therefore, Venetians moved here a great many Orthodox shrines Of course the most the main ones are relics of the saint, after mark the evangelist First-power archdeacon Stephen St Equal to the Apostles Elena but of course mainly from the patron saint of Venice after the Apostle Mark and Saint Theodore Tyrone It is a saint
  • 14:30: Nikolay wonder power St. Nicholas It is here Lido where It is the bolt Venetian water gate just a hundred meters away ford was a saint Andrew and the two forts interconnectable huge chain like never in Byzantine gold horn blocking intruders path into the inner Venetian lagoon so that the power of St. Nicholas We were taken completely consciously and were It called for that he would like He guarded in the spiritual and
  • 15:01: even military sense, independence units these relics are kept under the main altar together with other holy relics I remember that I showed photos particles the saint's body one next to them quality evidence of their antiquity laid coins of the time relics of opened five or six times the most the last and most thing for us and the evidence does not conducted in 1992
  • 15:30: Professor Territory us from the University of Padua and Professor Martin from the University of Bath particularly interesting is the part of which is spent professor Martin because he was like once the anthropologists who conducted Study in 1953 was in the bar, and that's God judged him to survive until 1990 for To here firsthand and to make public its conclusion that are in power
  • 16:02: Venice is completely match relics located in a bar He sits one often reminded to odors from here I was born in the Netherlands medieval tradition give children lush Bulkin Memorial Day St. Nicholas this
  • 16:30: Most steel gifts silently communicate with Christmas saint gifts Nicholas became the Top Santa Claus which is so revered in America English-speaking countries and then merged with way our grandfather frost so Turkish St. Nicholas but called Al-Bab a woman that is a father but this Christmas image It has been saved the main feature of Nikolai
  • 17:00: wonder-worker this protector Patron and it benefactor lamp you considered the patron saint of children and and travelers the image of the lamp varus man saw and intercessor and video and assistant a companion to navigation even there is a in everyday use Orthodox are here the question of whether you need to understand the holy Trinity Orthodox
  • 17:30: elderly woman responds the Lord God mother and saint Nicholas at these or money can and opera Nicholas
  • 18:00: Rimsky-Korsakov Sadko there is an episode of Saint Nicholas it was he who goes down for help to Novgorod harp ru in the underwater kingdom and commands netware fornication in a blue sea it is a conversation well gold treasury build a church Nicole cathedral adore sky
  • 18:34: St Nicholas by Dmitry Don eve and the Battle of Kulikov It strengthens his faith and hope at the end of the Troubles on the Russia with a way Nicholas are processions on the great Russian rivers
  • 19:16: going to the holy ground Russian pilgrims float bath through Of course if they ancient watching Barry particularly nineteenth century
  • 19:30: I knew already mass Russian my pilgrimage impressed such as the story of two Siberian peasants of mother and daughter, which is votive cholera raged the edges We decided to go to Nicholas We sat on the cart to some lean higher Zenk not know languages We arrived at the bar took there icons purchased covered their on the relics and not back through Petersburg drive itself Emperor Nicholas
  • 20:00: the first one was so impressed with this a pilgrimage that he I went to the palace area He caressed them with her royal highness I took them to the icon and they We went back into their village
  • 20:33: at the beginning of 1850 Jerusalem to Russia Russian back traveler Andrew ants a sudden gust storm washes them the ship ashore close to the world Lycian a
  • 21:00: Basilica of St. Nicholas came for , the Turkish rule in full desolation produces Russian traveler depressing impression ashamed I see how we Russian forgotten our heavenly patron really does not become money for Russia to honor and memory of the miracle worker daily urge it us in prayer
  • 21:35: It begins collecting means but to consolidate the Russia is sacred a place you can not half a century later
  • 22:00: efforts 2 and of Nicholas grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna on the funds collected purchased plot of land in the bath this business Myra transformed into Bolgradsky and it certainly is nice
  • 22:31: history construction of our church challenging the church It anticipated that a temple-monument and hospice for pilgrims and simultaneously certificate Russian Orthodoxy a far cry Catholic west We thought gather Photo of Nicholas church fight Thousands were in Russia ical good things the best Russian artists Petrov-Vodkin way I was commissioned to mural made some sketches
  • 23:00: attracted Shchusev which at the time built Martha and Mary Convent in Moscow pilgrims simply to Unfortunately not the Pope us in the courtyard in a time when it It was for them constructed saved World War I and adware itself He served as the Russians but serve our refugee who They fled from Europe covered by the fire and to return to Russia they went through Italy and here Nicholas the Wonderworker
  • 23:31: its courtyard took our refugees
  • 24:01: once on the way to holy ground ship with pilgrims I will hit the cruel travelers came to great horror and waiting of death They prayed to the saint Nicholas of salvation if you saint of God not help us their prayers the Lord we perish commanding him to huddle and
  • 24:30: lay hope gentlemen saint became hard pray to it was the silence great and universal sadness turned into joy
  • 25:01: serve video