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Divorces and fraud on posts of traffic police in SPB. - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:00: Comrade inspector hello 78 1071 give here 7807 30 boutiques at your evaporation show please different Does it work and your in the creation of show not launched a show your faster since we stopped introduce yourself please feel free to anyone for redress udostovirenie indicate your 78 1070 show your yes rather
  • 00:30: we what difference we are citizens your identity Share on expanded form did that come along is your identity a call can be read so so so Captain Police give him even aging but who are you and then Kalachinsk udostovirenie no show in the form of Inspectors with the icon
  • 01:00: let's name your surname what is your name your say your name combatant on what grounds you one token you Figure squad again surname udostovirenie indicate your
  • 01:31: which fall Now why you worker works with icon icon let's range where his identity license where it find identity he Aloni druzhinnik not druzhinnik say just be honest because you will get the same but and so we all know that and what is happening
  • 02:00: you can go view lockers where you have enough yes Now let me please tell us that In fact, there What happens to reasons we druzhinnik work with token that we, too, why would you take the meaning of a taste of the canvas miracle and it is recognized not sharpened Lesch Lesch now go here. qashqai window
  • 02:30: here to listen here I am not my porridge So he wanted Lesch Sit behind the wheel of Casco overlapping helmet retainer overlapping become God to dump Long live can
  • 03:01: call employees DPS police here what is your address hello Victor Address What you Pulkovskoye highway and give kilometer 13 kilometers Volkovskoye highway because I want to here conflict engaged fraud but how so you should Druzhinin same but with token and present deny us show identity which it does not have a so let's go
  • 03:30: see it witness greater take it, please Come on, let's go whom nothing asked certificate take the type of save Anyway we sat drinking 3 tea chasa here's a guide
  • 04:00: one gram several sodruzheniya we have so and where it is 2 squad struck beautiful 2 0 7 10 there have We all recorded where 2 possible until the seat 2 that the spectrum where We also stopped I came there addressed you set mountain shape with token 7810 and the number of 78 days heal you now! It made you blew you are calling also have
  • 04:30: yet here 3 Battalion your his It is called named Now you understand you there is not prompt and whose asko machine showed us
  • 05:03: so that it runs the risk of you two entered candles just explain to you two of only two Inspector 1 druzhinnik correctly is on public both on the grounds it is unclear machine It is behind the posts here Here's someone black our fans
  • 05:33: will approve fraud many actions that speak I can not hear Crimea is not Poprad We attach importance Of course that was the and you can hear to tell this win that's a great machine Comrade inspector tell me about my fraud
  • 06:00: effect on me beat and also not fraud I do not know was solemnly already established I do it all what that looked you team style pieces
  • 06:31: already as well as we would start Chief yes you You know then see we have here you have no light badge number 7810 Equipment can be put on a post see the entire post and see retainer who has worked with you Here, too, he worked here it service stopped Transportation walked on territory allow
  • 07:04: let's go with it I'll ask you come with us if you do not need any Why do we need an explanation We need clarification with him when I will . in fact This intern combatants I put the doing bursting territories who do not want stop your at night delivery and why he has a room counters
  • 07:30: seventy to eighty 70 someone's badge retainer learn combatants should He is dressed in shape but the police officer he should vest it carries working that dress fur reason because security I and badge number racing mode
  • 08:01: Come take a look will we have information that the fast deals auctions actions in the first place team we have also see that commander is given in the sum of the end of the month to change for 1000 rubles They said there with the change thousand rubles buys ask for only coins Well, so do we a vision that made of sober drunk
  • 08:40: class can
  • 09:00: Well okay to say what grounds have it is not fake can let Ron probably means if have any of your statement today writing at we will hold It is good people h is was employee form police stopped transport money was some unknown token that priori not my concern sign giving conduct check private they once its check verification based
  • 09:32: once again cause you unenviable you're lying even brazenly that he runs he sailed Why us for fools that they withstand understand but an option to take token I will return to arms if
  • 10:00: traffic police officers with false tone and employee It is a combatant simply drop glutton retainer token that there and for certain Vova I phoned arrived senior us druzhinnik they show 6 videos we want his perch and that the police then that's not a shame this talk of that the code of honor I sent over
  • 10:31: which does not me like a that do not show our squad who is our awful all ears excellent stop you as a police officer It revealed this police officer I tell the pupils intern or whatever he It is the retainers Intern druzhinnik not still in this man was counter this person require documents 2 1 of Kurumi already once
  • 11:01: why we find the badge 2 Landfill steal three Fourthly a fig He promised not to certificate show and It seems police officer tell me this Four question writes I clogged tell write a statement let him range catch 78 badge number 78 in 1070 who he I
  • 11:30: so I can say yes please check hour but it is designed to someone on then register the will not bind and why not druzhinnik can come up with here us talk retainers CONTACT than a problem now since January 1 Now let's not but together we are told it was a little bit You do not want a new He says that he was dying territory not scanned direction, I realized Yes, he cleaned service areas 30 shots, I realized I
  • 12:02: all remember that 30 frames you avoid Kolpino I did not beat the fraudster I like here Inspector I appreciate this and he came to cars Campinas children killed there alexander Hello and you were shaped employee from the waist up with number tokens 78 1070 where you and Lodz serious and important
  • 12:32: bring on construction write down certificate second to introduce yourself please I record If a private person papers
  • 13:11: I can not you him let me explain you just were not with I sound irrigation am coordinator blue community buckets Kokurin City Duma wish No, you said introduce yourself and you Who am I, you, you, we had say Alexander Alexander and more
  • 13:31: like you do not have anyone here work up to take away your here at the are on then I also here in the village show what you you know you're a criminal I'm serious I say the same you're a criminal who forged medals went I'm here for tokens you seriously Well there is a criminal Th It does not limit what you most criminal
  • 14:00: currently introducing new talk so what's with him to you it should be in jail they sit you with him We talked to Goodbye I hope we Brought to you hole bunt I understand this very We hope the soul talk has useless here the gang will accept any We all already clear Lesch went to my aunt deduction and guys Gentlemen, we are citizens in
  • 14:30: Generally everything is clear then all comrades ispektora wolf wish good luck adji hope you will no longer than same thing