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▶ Landing Klematisov and care of flowers - YouTube

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  • 00:00: dear gardeners and gardeners let talk about clematis Of course not all Clematis I grow that's just in love in them, and I have now about somewhere before 10 species clematis because it really is such a plant is sustainable blooming, and of course use clematis for decoration vertical walls and kerosene around the walls
  • 00:30: houses even you know it happens Now cut down the old tree that dies it is not necessary to file down cut down as part of the remove all the branches leaves and thereabouts tree planted Clematis on your site of an old tree is a flowering tree and Clematis course they are original large flowers look at what great though here there is such a huge Clematis and terry and even after flowering
  • 01:01: Look how here which remain inflorescence when petals you delete it Now look what beauty also very decoratively looks well, it would be desirable tell you about agrotechnology cultivation clematis when you purchase Clematis then remember you need to dig the most important thing dig a hole almost for apple trees for fruit tree deep wide if you close groundwater does not
  • 01:31: Remember or gravel or full of red brick layer somewhere 10-12 centimeters pour to drainage do not soak the roots because all It depends on the abundant bloom brightness beautiful leaves a lot Blooms it all depends on how self feels root system and if the root the system grows well and developing means all right here in except for the drainage hole
  • 02:01: a must add peat humus and sod land and necessary add room and more you can add 1 into the hole half-liter jar Hall and represent All this stir and and then everything smoothed a little bit ram and clematis planted so he grew up here in container and which we buy at the same
  • 02:30: level not impossible Clematis bury and once again I want you recall that Clematis themselves like a sunny place but the root the system grows and developing well when it is in the shade so here's the bottom you can sow lawn grass It can mean the bottom of This sow or land undersized such as lobelia
  • 03:01: Flowers are to the root system in the shadow then it will be very well-developed and not in the sun to root system was and more expensive growers and gardeners But when you remember you're not watering try Center right to water the root system and try watering somewhere from the center stems depart from see the place where the
  • 03:31: 15 cm and around the bush as it were, as if you can do this lune, and here in this pour pour the boat there during showering that centers root the system does not leak water otherwise you if you will be watered here just chaotic flood clematis you quickly You see how to begin shoots will wither
  • 04:01: leaves this means there was such a villas disease It called wilting and If plants have withered hence it is said is that the plant has you need to pull out and burn this place disinfect copper solution copper sulfate so do not bring this is still for bruises and the root system mulch can be peat with humus to checks and nail file can be
  • 04:30: zamulchirovat ie here so the root system is not It turned out to be bright sunny position but itself all aboveground part it will be in the sun clematis clinging necessarily need support does not open tie but puts such as a mesh, moreover, grid cells can be up to 15 centimeters These are the squares why because with
  • 05:00: a grid with a support can be easily remove and clematis cover the earth Clematis can on one place to grow 40 years and all the time you will delight transplant clematis did not suffer buy Clematis Planted right on permanent place Think about the place It means more about Clematis mean
  • 05:30: that it very often we Feeding the Well Well often times in 10 days Feeding the necessarily so fertilizers that give a good bloom Agricola is for flowering plants is Agricola fantasy grow up a special effect to it flowering plants and watering but now when it's autumn it is about September and I have something in
  • 06:00: even the end of September just such conduct feeding Take 10 liters water dilute tablespoon spoonful superphosphate only necessarily dilute full tablespoon potassium sulfate and check Clematis For example here one one bucket plant of this solution and then you have to next year
  • 06:30: Clematis alive fast bloom early stage and will bloom and please you to the autumn