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  • 00:04: because when it sew pillow, we need a piece cloth 40 to 40 centimeters I do not know around two pieces of fabric remember in different views 20 by 40 centimeters Pekka them course year and additionally, I cut 4 slices Cahoon is 10 centimeters
  • 00:33: for decoration in his new Chechen squares RUSNANO ring to strange when the contractor is not hurt we stand clear beverage we thus blue circle Commander sloppy Skalon all Contractors are now
  • 01:00: kruazon opinion ie diagonally addition squares with the spring to these lines that is, dedicate Now I decoction report corner and therefore must push it seemed to me that he was but I will rescue a bit boring so I wanted to or slightly residents
  • 01:32: I think that he will look good in terms
  • 02:04: now we need digital Now add up the show biz ready to 4 but the price of the part 1 4 Mark Tkachuk on all four party after we stopped talking a decrease of Lucko child to school saving money but our pitchers in the game Balloon