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  • 00:15: Good afternoon, my name is pavement Fetisov I head Ivan how many were purchased by the president of Site Association of patchwork masters Russia author patchwork Russia I am very glad that I can not share with you all the secrets
  • 00:32: Mr. ASKUTE creativity in which I have above which I have been doing for more than sixteen years patchwork generally very complex form of needlework some believe that it is very easy In my opinion this is one of the most difficult types of needlework because ankara quilting and it combines all the and the ability to feel light primarily and ownership composition and skills now
  • 01:01: feel fabric texture cloth you should be able to embroider must be able and hare be able to use decorative elements necessary to know but no based design because any patchwork interior work should be a writer what or apartment buildings and premises and so on in May and just elementary own sewing skills even among pure media expanse so I
  • 01:30: pleased to share with you their names RF my favorite techniques of course technique is very much so and we are now you just met the most based patchwork I want to tell you that you need to to begin to engage in a patchwork embroidery you need to go by car instead It has to be very complicated expensive computerized minute, this machine must be able to village
  • 02:02: perform not only a straight line but simply decorative stitches You must just need to have Here is such a Mar. where you work here is a plastic ruler and roller wear sung and it is impossible to achieve the area the percentage of working with cloth because here these devices can cut several layers of fabric
  • 02:30: clear exactly and I was absolutely right because Vlasko confetti very many useful details different course need sharp scissors m necessarily need a wide variety of oil thread which it will decide our car thick thread dozen May Day that you You will do whatever he wants cube who I was and Nikki need when you You will work shock percentage decorative needs elements that you decorate i your work it is the most diverse
  • 03:01: ribbon beads and I did different sizes the speed of light Now the mass of the glass various decorative idle given store it is rare that you need to do yourself Depending on the different techniques it happen they are different you should be out strong cardboard Hg performed e.g. for one technology and that is for another yes there administering sewing techniques which simply requires transparent stencil that make from here
  • 03:31: durable plastic