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  • 00:00: Hello I yuri Shatohin today review how to save bookmarks in browsers mozilla firefox and google chrome in Specifically they comodo dragon on the same webkit engine For example I run mozilla firefox and show you bookmark that do not have me at the moment No, I just set your browser Open the folder where I kept on ROM d bookmarks and mozilla comodo dragon
  • 00:30: and we see that all Bookmark The display label someone dragon here I signed Share on komodo dragon and which has not been signed instead of mozilla firefox so But if we keep it's all html files If we keep on example bookmarks from google chrome we quietly can they import Ointment in mozilla firefox and
  • 01:00: on the contrary now I you show eg I want you show how save bookmarks and their restore and is the Bookmark the interchangeable if you have you installed browser You want to have exactly the same Bookmarks are as in another browser, google chrome of scam e.g. Mazilu, or vice versa which mozile and like in any
  • 01:30: temple browser we For example I have I show first in mozilla firefox click Bookmark Show all bookmarks Import and Backup a copy of the export bookmarks html file Import bookmarks in html export file Bookmark this we push and pass directory tree or here here here We see that this is my
  • 02:00: computer disk and d mozilla firefox bookmarks and here we see we We went with mozilla firefox here labels displayed of which browser installed by Default I have it chest enemy and I take one of the last 14 tabs 13 November incidentally here we were Export we are here take in mozilla firefox and write Example 16 11 13 therefore
  • 02:37: there sign You can even write some accompanying How would you comment need Do any bookmarks anything is and short press Now save more just check what we I did export Now I will import that is, we are here but we are no bookmarks Now import of dresser expensive so I
  • 03:00: Now here he is looking 16 11 13 which though only created Bookmark and no files this is my Orlowski created and now take 14 November 13 isolated and open it I do import ie of these tabs I have these bookmarks with dragon team I import into the browser mozilla firefox open all we have bookmarks in
  • 03:30: mozilla firefox browser here They bookmarks in particularly after bookmarks bar is so she imported from firefox then a whole bunch of them here who were with me before then I have it all corrected and example, if someone does not He knows you can safely move one tab above the following tabs can be higher than they can be simply copy and then insert where
  • 04:01: where we want ie like this it is possible So once controlled just shows how maintain, and how restore Bookmark how to keep in html file and recover from html file that is take the tab Show all bookmarks Import and Backup a copy of the export is and when you save For example, my local computer d drive my cue folder
  • 04:31: and bookmarks and mozilla comodo dragon and now here sign and click to save all now as the reestablish press and import backup copies of import bookmarks livestock and small file but and I remember all choose which some we need a html file this is our only saved bookmarks at the time just sons newer and newer then the newest taxes and use and press select
  • 05:00: click to open all but so Bookmark here appear exactly as we all hence can be removed I take the example and behold These bookmarks here remove a lot of them little is now remove Now you can create folder is in mozile firefox ie you to example, a new folder you have to sign it example folder
  • 05:30: We take her call you need to let the example figure 1 you can add and the description is now Bookmark here it is in this folder folder can drag those Share what we We need examples signed and movies then this folder bridge and here please, all these Bookmark movie there or still or here so as Now I'll show you how it perform with browser comodo dragon
  • 06:01: or google chrom press comodo dragon on the label or google chrome bookmarks bookmark Manager push it so on to organize and likewise we see import and export it there if you want export press export my computer and specify where you have
  • 06:31: this folder Bookmarks and press highlight it if if export Then we sign sign I apologize and press save when we to import press import select and open and are imported and it does not matter mozilla vsky Bookmark Bookmark it and google chrome that's the same way we
  • 07:01: see here these Bookmark the same and we do likewise we can drag can here can create folders drag and general sort as as we need here I you want to show how to save Bookmark and how they I will restore it has shown in this All in all you good subscribe to my th channel tube
  • 07:31: bye