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  • 00:00: welcome all who Academy today lesson will be devoted to Gothic necklace beads here's how to do this saving you snip can badges future my videos and
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  • 01:32: I went on a very take oskolochki garnet I that I still remained as buying them Here in these beads and breaking heart first make Services We do make a second cry go through
  • 02:02: then so yes the symphony as a forester and obtained such a I think all the criticism I wonder who does not I have everlasting we have a bead we are threaded later the line there is put on height and 2 and then a rest do it being a battery
  • 02:33: I've got all culled and will not UNIAN early button because if you need to doing beading we must all shades It was missing. so much the same
  • 03:04: the main thing ordinary fishing line I We were doing so first X features
  • 03:38: Practicing is very easily I garden I learned how to weave so that you have problems at home no be Giving and tightening After she happens so what are you Now demand protection
  • 04:08: is threaded on Me interested in one twig we threaded black bead and red and Again black bolt that we need break through this course May the same here and so we see comes
  • 04:41: this so part small and here at kid from 0 to precipitate the bottom of the lower want together and then another nothing that Come look at We should be our shot at
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