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  • 00:00: split hairs poor results our pursuit of beauty Today we will learn solve this problem home with using natural cosmetics recipes from our expert Olga Seymour Hello dear Your advice is always efficacious so I confident that with split ends we also handle both First you need to understand the reason why are cut hair
  • 00:30: and here the reason may be several first the reason is thermal and mechanical hair damage hot hair dryer and hot curling tongs and various course also experiencing hair what cross section tip breaks the tip of the hair, and it It begins like to bifurcate end and what would we We are not lubricated no matter what masks are not did he ever it does not stick together so close thermally to all sorts of things
  • 01:00: here they are heated Hair tip and he was It begins here and so divided up by sunlight map sunlight, too most of chlorinated water very sekutsya hair from the fact that we wrong Comb first metal combs combs eg metal base and plastic ball on the ends of wow This may gur Tender in salute exactly what has you need to select yourself a good comb by a bunch of costs pig bristles wooden combs and very careful to
  • 01:30: no way comb wet hair in no case is not wet game hair nedosushennye not twist on curling at curlers and and why not wet hair twist to play because Wet hair and heating up is much so even faster If you set your curling curling hair temperatures eg 50 60 to 70 degrees at the wet tips Hair and will heat up to 100 direct boiling and do remember that Hair reflect the body condition that there is something there
  • 02:00: you yourself to feel anything but if your hair We became very much split break off After this suggests is that your organism very not all in right so food first all they and soy beans seeds are all perfectly inside and complements It gives life to the band and fights Secants the ends of the elastic from the strip to answer and vitamins and r & b potassium, sodium and phosphorus and all these substances
  • 02:30: there are lovely number three This product is the first avocado in it most a large number of necessary materials plus there still is fatty acid that contribute elasticity of hair and the second time it egg yolk, third is the olive Oil is another time and we Come good buy remedy in split ends first time we use only tips but then We get used to the more the better a lot and we forget not often these funds
  • 03:00: Simply put closer to the hair roots and do not need to I do not in any case it is not necessary because the hair occluded fully as we should only close Now slicing or dry part of that subject to very section and more often such funds are dandruff which by the way is very difficult then to handle what else It is the moment a first signal when we can not grow hair we want long hair they grow to of the levels and then simply do not
  • 03:30: grow it says is that hair is thin and whipped across the length of the first you must understand that how can we not feel sorry for It was split by ends should be cut because that no funds not restore a second moment like that Hair food comes from roots and closer Hair tips practically no take any nutrients so the hair should be nourish the hair which is dedicated to and should be cut because that it is already inside just nothing not just go down on So cut the dead
  • 04:00: something that can not be rescue and saving the that left like for example, you can make a very simple mask she made just here literally 3 minutes but it Mask is the most the most effective let's start to do our mask this mask to split hairs for that we you need to take the yolk of one egg you only need to ask and true professional with pleasure but individual bowls while you exchange points we
  • 04:30: We prepare just such a mixture we must take one teaspoon honey spoon yolk stir gently so Yes, and very, very even his carefully little cause achoo Then the line, even here in a nail file see there is already some secrets went separate yolk one of the other houses Honey, why are we so do you now you see there such a wonderful component both on and is really a very large storehouse vitamins minerals
  • 05:00: hair and also henna contribute strengthening and a little bit of it seems to be closes the scales the only time if you are brunette or brown hair then you can take them well, and despite no matter what shade and Color is nothing wrong dark hair acquire light light light shade but if you are blonde or buy Russia Please white henna This window will much lighter than water the landscape is not liked I have usually Iranian henna the cost of such
  • 05:30: bag it simply I think about 3 hryvnia and one mask you enough halves packages I have heard When use of that hair before this can not use henna to the mask is It refers to on in large amounts If a very long time hold and zaparivat hot water strongly it can make quite the opposite effect ie hair will be more than the other way around too dry them and more that even very it will be difficult so you laid and we take x and y add a teaspoon henna spoon Our teaspoon
  • 06:01: Our honey tea spoon Yes, and what we do it is possible to put even in a steam bath but I I include shell warm Vodicka runs I I leave a bowl and here warm water washes away 1 bowl and becomes warm stir us honey you see them on It begins to connect honey obtained paste it and we have to very very spoon well as heat we are doing just to mix or is there any pro
  • 06:31: she apartments stir them to us brewed there is one moment we take teaspoon a good cognac brandy and before recipe is important add a teaspoon a spoonful of brandy cognac effect providing cognac warms up because there's alcohol Now alcohol begins work with honey lawsuit my brandy and alcohol effect is very good on the roots of the hair, and more that in this mask contributes to the end such as he would like facing all nutrients in
  • 07:01: middle hair does mask in a given 2g I have been a yolk He warmed and mom Stir under beautiful and now it is here in this state we We connect with our uhnu honey and book with one yolk with honey on cognac and finally yellowish on components of the magic masks to to solve problems split ends well again Yet we all stir you Now you know this masochka not me
  • 07:31: it seems hard look pretty liquid is obtained is such a consistency should be It was so that's should be the mask can be prepared in several times if you it did more to a mask can be store in only the fridge before applying please and and warm up on a water bath or just warm some water support your jar and we neatly We begin to apply if the hair roots and get it masochka it's okay try a little retreat
  • 08:01: and causes a neatly across length particularly careful Moisturizing tips we We take our scythe here our tails so we We turn off and and and in row PM neatly neatly neatly and ends hiding inside closer to skull close to the skin head dress warmly hat PE and a mask should be hold 20 minutes, and wash off as usual easy shampoo baby shampoo or because we are used to as well as she can be stored in
  • 08:31: a refrigerator musk can cook such as to make Course three times a week Monday you preparing a mask and Wednesday and Friday are not also use the she has all week may be stored on your three times is quite can be cooked keep refrigerated but there are still small little secrets for to still thin ends to protect take a glass boiled water add to floor teaspoon liquid honey and floor tsp olive oil or germ oil
  • 09:01: wheat well it all stir and close the for example when it is have you washed your hair and they already have almost nearing completion vkladochki just about this vodichku tips dip it Vodicka contributes to the fact that tips are closed will huddle and will not be so strongly split calico that is, it will be defence from thermal impact thanks you Ulichka mask against thin split ends needed to take teaspoon of honey and connect it to the
  • 09:31: tea spoon henna carefully carefully Stir to them The Connect to then add honey teaspoon brandy and also all carefully stir in uniform the consistency of the yolk Beat in one egg separate bowl and finally just 2 bowl combine Apply this mask the entire length of hair carefully pay attention warm tips warm hat towel 20 minutes wash off the hair as the we are accustomed to and voila your tips split will tell you
  • 10:01: bye