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  • 00:00: There is their own culture cooking salads in the Czech Republic. The most famous of it is named after the capital - Prague. Prague salad is interesting in own structure. It all balanced: protein ingredients are in harmony with vegetables. In salad achieved a balance due to taste of using homemade mayonnaise. For salad we need these ingredients: 300g cooked chicken, 1-2 cooked carrots, 200g marinated or pickled cucumbers,
  • 00:30: 1 onion, 2-3 boiled eggs, 1 can of green peas, 100g prunes, 250g homemade mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. For marinating onions need water and vinegar. This salad is laid out in layers. First I 'll cut the onions and marinate it.
  • 01:01: In a deep bowl pour in equal proportions water and vinegar. Two tablespoons of water and the same amount of vinegar. I use a balsamic vinegar. You can use an apple cider vinegar or one that you like. Add a little salt and pepper.
  • 01:50: The first layer is the chicken. It should be finely chopped.
  • 02:09: We spread the chicken on the bottom layer. I have cooked chicken in salt water, so I won't salt it anymore. Only slightly pepper. Now add the mayonnaise.
  • 02:31: Almost every layer we will lubricate with mayonnaise. Align a bit. The next layer - the pickles. We have it finely chopped.
  • 03:09: The next layer - the marinated onions. Filter through a sieve. We shift it the third layer on the salad.
  • 03:30: Grate the eggs and the carrots on a small grater. On another layer go the eggs. On the eggs - the mayonnaise. On the top - the carrot.
  • 04:01: We still have the green peas and the prunes. We spread a layer of the green peas. Carefully so it does not scattered across the plate. You can flatten it slightly. Cut the prunes into small pieces and spread on the green peas.
  • 04:32: Pour the mayonnaise on the top of salad. Prague salad is not lost among the other layered salads. It is attractive and have an original taste. Cook with pleasure and enjoy! TASTY DIALOGUE WITH ELENA BAZHENOVA