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  • 00:00: disgusted company group the defendant's age it is the one and only around outer space Our blue planet Russia and animals and plants here way to life more than seventy percent earth According to our source of life fresh, salted
  • 00:31: Tunnel in the south constantly countless habitat animals and plants her research Any age is spectacular natural Czech classes so most of us remains hidden great variety of life forms our strongest Kosior screams and Mary at the same time and to compare observations of 17 profit environment I was never any remorse sometimes at lightning speed
  • 01:01: stately and see how many can fascinating variety of box office inflation is an abundance of living nuances Prince client that opens only in the the depths of our it is good that there is a desire they allow translate all and Istanbul where we often worried about the
  • 01:33: You'll see for yourself the one who once was mesmerized by this sight definitely not social networks to classes and attractive course which is a lot of fun companies who are willing to accompany our first steps our products and knowledge reductions experience from more than 50 years of experience Research and development so for example the father relationship
  • 02:05: the investigating authorities to prepare for match with May 30 Aquarium device
  • 02:35: how do you turn a glass bowl Tank soared restless Residences we want to show you this in detail step by the United States then you might at first sight It seems difficult in principle, it is a snap because the company is already tetra I prepared for you we will give you a basic knowledge of a raise plants and how to simplify your care
  • 03:05: the mind pair If you consistently if Pain will undertake the cause of the future your individual aquarium the attempt is not far off we should start with a visit to the area Georgian Here you will receive detailed information on a shelf with goods Petro You find brochures for all important topics aquarium naturally free
  • 03:35: if now stunned abundance of goods stream soon you will be able to understand the different varieties of feed-care products for water Yakutsk the seller is willing to store your evils will help you especially important to choose the right aquarium There are different sizes and options execution do not buy too small contribution Pasha throws fish and in the future they It needs enough space to cry
  • 04:05: a large volume of water to the same guarantees have stable quality for all those who worked but provided cabinets for storage accessories Be sure to ask the question of lighting analogue and adjust a few night cycle in the aquarium and influences health the quality of our products is usually very high Almost all commercially available aquariums made of silicone chicken
  • 04:36: Institute of high quality for years to come ensures extremely their absolute strength flows without your aquarium We have already found something suitable for himself that's good now we will take care of Asha Scenery UAH in any case fits all size three to five millimeters driftwood and very decorative
  • 05:08: give the composition in the tank into the structure and depth Plants in the aquarium not only decorative but also very useful they release oxygen and promote decomposition of harmful substances which are formed by the fish waste so they contribute to improving the quality of water profits will thank you way trading of course, we buy when everything cats prepared their water performance accurately comply
  • 05:38: choosing the right place to raise always the decisive the window disappears immediately direct sunlight may contribute to the development of the industry and uncontrolled overheating year near Tver aquarium also post poor Taliban may have anxiety darker shop opposite the seats in the Duma It will be the case for a quorum it will significantly highlight your aquarium bring to Front the total weight of the sports complexes
  • 06:09: excluded from the aquarium winds comprehending two hundred and fifty and three hundred kilograms more you will need Russia as well as for electrical connections litter must be strictly horizontal for leveling irregularities that nightstand said he put a number of plastic belt and litter it protects from impact loads and thus cop cracks in walls filling the tank starts from the spectrum Accessories substrate This checkpoint contribute
  • 06:40: healthy development of growing a uniformly high-tech companies to extract complex poured grad preliminary and should be carefully Rinse in running water good club is particularly important it gives the roots develop aquatic plants there live microorganisms which provide optimum biological balance gently Rosneft first layer of dirt however, the principle countries instead as Atlanta conflict substrate
  • 07:11: you also can use thunder this plan finish Rostiks scattered on the bottom layer of gravel they are for a long time supply plants with mineral and trace elements such as iron and other important nutrients and now it remains only to cover Mechel special checking now it is minus the outflow of nitrates evenly
  • 07:42: small white peas on surface graph in this eco-friendly premium let of adverse area there is also a sprinkle gravel action could not astonishing purely by biological granules For a whole year reduce the amount of nitrates nutrient Code what happens bacteria dwell on nitrate granules months they and used as nutrient own metabolism as well as for reducing not
  • 08:12: junk shot fraternally nutrients now the home ground of our aquariums prepared in the best way distribute the remaining sand so it lightly urge chance in the background background and now move on to the technique of controlled heater which maintains 5 water temperature at a constant cu Fish are a man Pierre us a living organism that is, can not themselves regulate their temperature
  • 08:42: the body Photo twenty-four to twenty-seven degrees Celsius it complies naturally in tropical basis heater Putin simply attached to the Systems using the suction cups water treatment, we recommend comfortable in applying internal filters those plus they have a take out mustache sets which is easy to clean 3 Bldg captured by need particulate matter such as highlighting fish celebrated parts of plants and remnants corr
  • 09:14: In addition as a center settled helpful bacteria that convert harmful allocation of fish safe connection additive to twitter this salary in the Caucasus enzymes contained therein contribute to strengthening microorganisms for immediate biological activated filters Internal Pinter you as well as five Nastya aquarium using the suction cups flow rate can stepless
  • 09:47: regulated and thus be adjusted rates of salary You can also adjust the flow direction create your own for your fish underwater the world because of the fruit also needs part of the cover and and natural boundaries areas on the other hand of course should be enough room for of movement If you are using driftwood and rocks long Either way you need to thoroughly clean
  • 10:18: driftwood should be only of 100 stores and the stones are not distinguished by any substances Avoid the use of stones containing metals is Water quality is critical to the health and wellbeing the inhabitants of your aquarium looks like a clean but in our tap water contains many solutes which are already slightly concentrations hazardous to rub adding intermediaries
  • 10:52: you turn tap water fresh tank work besides cooking car solution with them from there come in Kaluga much promise in circumvention of the law natural for the prime minister also It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria years and maintain a healthy clean a position to Here we see all polls predict harmful substances vitamin b more It protects the fish from stress when filling the tank he enters
  • 11:23: into contact with elements which We should call ak positive one plate and start pour water into the tank but as they It will be filled to the limit before planting in the aquarium Please carefully remove the pot and mineral wool Now the Ethics ends of root shoots Peak remove damaged leaves
  • 11:53: clamps release plant species should also be allocated if you make a hole for the thumb planting plants you will avoid damage carefully Tretyakov no tons of soil to the root collar then the quota roots with gravel and slightly pull the plants so that the root again they are pointing down for landing
  • 12:24: particularly suitable types growing plants high growing stem plants so for example necrophilia and elite Sekackii thousand on the eve of the sport perfectly decorate the background aquarium front you should choose lower plants to be free to buy tickets water surface can also be decorate plants plants floating on the surface develop one attaching stones similar to the ground and create a fish from Numerous articles to hide the legend
  • 12:55: dead calves Planting manufacturer calm and do not rush when you will long enjoy made memory when planting all the plants will completed you can finally remind the aquarium water to approximately one two inches from the frame check the functioning and equipment lighting connected via turn off the ticking It regulates the natural cycle and day and night
  • 13:25: Now take another look at the filter the reading thermometers seemingly can now run hand but stop each aquariums need to be eliminated in for about two to three weeks During this time the plants become stronger then unbeknownst to you on your aquarium is not All this time, the weight events develop micro-organisms look at the thickness of schedule