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  • 00:00: the world your home today will transplanted here such as a plant Allah and you tree is at home It is increasing for the third year now and in principle, We have 8 and such transplants a tree or you he seems to be not recommends that all pots transplant in spring and summer but we have here is to the case can be seen just does not fit
  • 00:30: I have been here for two Zolnikov very root already gone side of the street so we decided yet still it especially seedlings Here are two such matter already a big thump such stem 2 which still need to make transplanted him to make just such a transhipment every pot and including January 1 They are the wallpaper or
  • 01:00: aloe or a woman and called home healer also called his agave because This evergreen he evergreen shrub shrub and it grows blooms very rarely once in a hundred years so it is still called the old man Of course, this pot you need to repot You see here for so
  • 01:30: much to root well then something will we do now I must here Now just take I try again Now connect the two two guns Just two parts that I have now come I do not know them at all seated and cuttings and the like that separated from each friend Well I do not know
  • 02:00: But if you look certainly succeed disunite also accurate in half and It is true of course I did I planted 2 to 2 ash if you can not then probably one of the with this post, I have to will leave on July 5 days to dried up under the weight of Sox and then you can transplant
  • 02:30: we often often We see that a pot Russian shawl a few more Now these branches but better course sit because I have gathered a lot of recipes a lot of recipes and why to run for example, in a pharmacy if I may use it
  • 03:00: plant to to help themselves house or other crazies situations as well as seeing how see is the root and here and there I I cut Of course it is better to judge 2 of 2 zone which flowerpots at all or these these plants and grow in Africa
  • 03:30: grow money grow in South America they can reach multiple sizes m we have in the family each on the sill is higher than somewhere it does not meter raising growing but that less use it this Here's the pot lower leaves Basically, I'll take them I must put it
  • 04:00: 5 7 days in the dark Well the dark paper and put in refrigerator for which so that they become more nutritional properties which generally have the pot here are four leaf so do more Now I've got a pot I want transplant I want transplanted there several holes our maybe a little
  • 04:30: zasyplyu salt of the earth I took the loose their nutritional garden to prevent a little sand so here it is now we will see We do a Pass this one point each people I Now, too, probably like that tear off I leave it to a few days to 7 do not I put on the air transplanted into the ground let disclose this rumble Now a little bit
  • 05:05: well there remained near garnish it is the pot plant has a very many properties and nutrients like for the body and how general firming it it can be bactericidal can It is used as for as a choleretic for cookies
  • 05:35: laxative and for gastrointestinal tract do it all sorts of mixtures of we'll talk later because I now you see enthusiasm is to weave transshipment of thicken the ground us now say probably spasibok because finally he will have more places to
  • 06:07: developed shorter if there is no there is no need You do not need to repot it with a pot well as we have here It was good rammed earth the watering pot often do not need winter it is almost as if the temperature falls asleep in which a fully It can withstand up to plus 1
  • 06:39: degree and because countries where he you grow very small temperature drop and he loves such a temperature difference in the winter we have it It is on the screen window often opens ventilated so Faliraki, and the pile can be even somewhere once winter once a month lancome not stand even when use leaves here These here are lower
  • 07:10: used to treatment for the pot Three days before the breakdown these sheets, I do not watered and then halo may be their day, but if if there is an urgent necessity use it straight Now let's say today say may be some that wound attach can be just take it piece and reside may for poisoning mouths so on the Of course, you can simply
  • 07:41: pluck plant, and immediately use it I so good show next time and now I shall water it transplanted in this part ozone see course and on its see how Trankov It does not fall off all too much that she no longer feeds the ringing in the plant look at their maybe that is just as well because
  • 08:11: that in many special somewhere on plants they such as would unpretentious they grow in many I'm not down home conditions somewhere in the windowsills we often We see them not firing them but nevertheless they as it will still live because it is for them not terrible here can they must also be transplant to help them because all live, we all know that we are surrounded by the same
  • 08:41: including plant here This severed limbs because the root that it now I have a PC it will be enough of those cameos that have We will meet in the second parts