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  • 00:00: hello girls in my last video learning points I that will tell another video which I'll show how to do Now these strips remove blackheads at home and then video me it's a lot a bunch of a comment posts rolling soon we will I can not wait to have I understand and I believe you why because even in America these Strips are very although they are expensive widely available at every corner in every pharmacy it takes your available so more and allegiance and order them this forgive what to bring not at all worth
  • 00:30: crazy money and so in this video I'll I show three methods I used I tested on currently in its his own skin home I I will show you all every method of which he which is where you are as they prepare how it applied how to shoot and how Effect I tell you a secret that One of these methods I do not liked and two very good so that you do not see I hope you I enjoy it and hope it will be useful to you
  • 01:00: bye Bye I was the first method and mix one tablespoon gelatin and one a tablespoon of honey and all put in microwave is over and a second is shut down for a longer time until it is all melted and then you should get such myagenkaya like mush So we mix it all significantly from microwave like this it's all about
  • 01:31: It looks so soft mixture and now on night in waiting a little until it cools down and we plot the way for each of the following methods desirable intent person for felling to wash away the entire and lives on the surface skin because if the skin will be bold and the mixture is pasted then when will the you have to wash off the shelf best is to make such a warm even hot water for to skin steamed and because then opened that the open pores they are better Let me ask here
  • 02:02: the whole mixture is better stick it on most out pull and here but that's wait for it a little country to the addition to that consistency that I put on the skin so as not to took the old burned a piece of not even the old and new but which I do not necessary and I am going to throw and we will be like today time use well it's all about smeared problem area in I have it in the first place but with so today because drag on
  • 02:32: nose I took in my honey so thick so it is very difficult Rastan and still was necessary thick be no next time, try more Here is such a liquid beauty we Well it turns out that's I let all the works Here's how it dealt everything looks beauty course before leave is not We know on October 15 annov strongly strongly strongly thickens and dries
  • 03:02: and I have come looking for rent moment when I all I will look to take and the face and show you result Yes of course it's 10 years was really optimistic even two hours later it still not run and I it's all very thing I just I give up Here I take a tablespoon spoonful of gelatine pour your content but since I have gelatin in the fire not powder and such a
  • 03:33: shaped bead I crystals of 3 I add a little here I do not know 10 drops of water after that he growth, we added you quite a bit of water and Now all mix to my grains in a gelatin parted and add but little here now I add the same amount tablespoon milk in my case it All mix it all mixed and put microwave Well that's all our
  • 04:16: the mixture is ready it a little on the cool perhaps after a moment microwave so as not to burn skin and it's all warm warm liquid smear on its the problem area on the the same area on I would Donoso stuck here these here stickers So I waited 30 minutes until it all
  • 04:46: very good thickens at all It was so hard as the shell now quietly with it all comes unstuck as well as by itself as a I would have a son with Velcro start with so the sides and finish on the middle of the nose is a silence all me and torn pieces must because it dealt layer is not us but thick enough no wall is like He is very good is removed and the result rather such
  • 05:16: it positive very well removed of all my pores and on this Velcro raise enough a lot a lot of dirt in It even see it all very well nasty and unpleasant night very effectively and third the recipe is the most Simply formed a one egg and doily we share egg on yolk and white to us need for this
  • 05:46: mask but the yolk protein you also do not dispose of collected and because you You see then what we do with it, we with her where he is very cool hydrating mask after cleansing the pores and so we take our protein and whisk it all nail file while before Education here is a will foam when formed foam It means a mixture of our already I am ready to put on face and our napkin that after which most we take we share on how much we need Only 1 most-most that it does not It happened and I think it
  • 06:16: third of wipes we take a single layer and everything else we do not only need this layer and so in this and the bathroom already face clean again steamed clean without without fat-washed and it is all put on the zone its problematic is I have a nose for our Again, unnecessary brush it all here so horoshenechko distributed over the nose enough to try make enough thick layer as perhaps because w if too much
  • 06:46: cause she begins flow down the sides of the well, much as possible I am trying to do it thick and now already like I struck all I I take this thin napkin one layer Now swipe from the ditch a piece that does not need for a nose and glue it all on the area we protein applied here so it all good presses but to water absorbed and straight stuck to our remove the remnants of the skin we do not need and then happiness I will tell you that we
  • 07:17: we do inspection Of course since horror films but very effective very effective here we layer. and we believe dogs yet we put another layer the same protein she would do it myself layer on the mask layer nose thicker and consolidate and the napkin, and she It hardens better and better will it all filming as it were so eager then the protein layer napkin and then again of protein over so we all
  • 07:49: horoshenechko cover and leave that's how it all I'm looking left to dry 1520 I have it all it was so hard how hard crust on our mind, and I decided it all shoot it too with the same principle since the sides and ending I want the middle of the nose say that this I liked the city most of all he is the It seems easy
  • 08:19: use and most convenient and this is removed the tape easier because of wipes tears Here it is removed as the same as the These Velcro derivatives as of manufacturers and very very effective from of two on for it in the first did not even consider 1 would just somehow failure of two This is my last not on for more on efficiency and its simplicity, here you see how it all contrary to a lot of things he took off and now I
  • 08:49: simply wash off the remnants of remains of this of dried eggs on at on my nose and wash off wipe with a towel and Now the surprise is now we will use our remaining yolk Now take the yolk whether we are separated from protein in the beginning, too, whisk it with a fork for such as a slurry and causes it to say all on to the nose to the same there is where we are
  • 09:22: applied to the mask to narrow pores and then I just cleaning I take my finger so convenient and nanoshu Here a thin layer and all He is very cool effect is present you just try It was not very disgusting but I'll try and In fact, he so good Now that's softened after 5 minutes probably it quickly so would Sophus tears, I do not even time to understand night if it's all the same it was dry on the nose I just pitch warm water and wipe with a towel skin just super
  • 09:52: firstly because protein thoroughly clean the pores and the yolk is he like as a instead of serum or miss someone moisturizer in Generally then face just simply baldezh it a little bit red for everyone manipulating numbers Th here but came and a skin super-duper