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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I perhaps prepare the most useful cutlet cutlets pair I need for cooking such tasty ethical cutlets pig-beef mince Pork is only one 3 pumpkin balls black bow pepper and salt first of all I am very we shall cut onions finely chopped onion
  • 00:31: We send in ground beef and now I need to Grate pumpkin enough revenue an impressive piece how will cutlets I'll take a lot more large capacity and In order to get a good knead stuffing I translate all pan and grated pumpkin I send light for I need two meat Beat eggs
  • 01:04: It must be properly repeat who pepper like you can add garlic but steam cutlets Still greater numbers not just add to To make it easier knead field Air Balkhash floor mug of water should be knead
  • 01:36: knead as the next until such time that there was a uniform consistency Now I have everything ready you can mold cutlets for this I prepared in a cup water wet hands and spoon and installation I ran mine for I will make you Tushinites muscles
  • 02:06: make it the format and we have a sword and pre-need be sure to grease vegetable oil surface which will Head Cases Average size is not necessary making them very large for that they will All burgers I prepared posted them in all departments our gowns and reapers I had water boil on hay I put ready
  • 02:38: cutlets waiting 30 minutes and Our burgers are ready for 30 minutes of commercials It passed on burgers Couple ready to turn and remove and so here we are burgers I have a couple of Get with the pumpkin
  • 03:08: dietary vitamins and useful try cook very tasty and very easy to new meetings and all Bon Appetit and not yet