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  • 00:05: hello's it is time tie cucumbers about cucumbers very a lot of questions and she I not now answer it one annual plants it can be for rope the trellis and simple order put it on the ground crawling pref more Nost how to grow
  • 00:31: the trellis I tried therefore twine common twine very well cucumber on it creeps but lagging in all mid-July, the beginning August usually These whips ropes begin to rot trim razmokat but soak sky still moisture in the and they have a greenhouse begin to fall such a rich and
  • 01:01: back He is strong enough I have now tried all Well this is such a tape on white stripe Ribbon is the same of rot in August early September when it Street grows back to the ceiling whip imagine almost 3 meters and that's it She begins to fall Now I took ordinary the wire wire wire sturdy Cyprus
  • 01:32: keep us keep the robot market it cut copper and double insulation cultures changed On the one hand we kept not oxalis him nothing happens and cucumber could not hugs conducted there So look cucumber specially I left here here here as it is the same like tomatoes from each one under every place grow by CEMI's about even
  • 02:04: Flowers to lead off the cucumber shall blossom break that is if you way to take cultivation of trellis sheets 5 times two or three sheets 4 5 5 break out all of groove bottom that is to do the same for communication nerzul pilaf present and 5
  • 02:30: sheets and the abbot lobed here this road cotyledonary they are not considered in this hundred here 5 this sheet severing all general and flowers and you stepchildren why in But if you are first leave even pathetic I c yes they are learn to bloom well, I I tried tested
  • 03:00: If you do not believe you check you too sure but believe I'm here this Cucumber he and a small will remain small yet here here here not ripe meter meter Scourge first bar and people cucumbers here and then these are the small possible all the same, and if you go you break off the bottom 5 Now these shoots you whip starts quickly develop and blossom It begins to bear fruit necessary means to carry January 5
  • 03:30: tearing all sheets following 5 sheets leave one one cucumber flowers next 5 sheets reserve stepson with two leaves all 5 on the following sheets snax while the leaves well, so on leave more than three leaves can not leave why oil here Such is the tree will
  • 04:00: a bunch of greens and cucumbers will begin to fall off It depends even even Envy will cucumber rassvetot and envy begins to dry why because it will lots of greenery will so it's all that As for the trellis on if you suddenly grow hide and seek many do and I was at school before grow whip it I fell and crawled
  • 04:32: if you put in a rare land planting is also better through the meter on So he went cucumber rose five sheets I got out and break off in can not right in 5 pit after 5 after the sheet from Start your mobile went side shoots These side here stepchildren basement to become and again broke off crown
  • 05:00: that is, the bottom of the times the cross from the bones were still shoots still will beat those victories have not will be empty and the color will be one female flowers dependent believe me who do not believe but try checking Try to plant and 23 rush like this rest their the old way and then compare and This probably all let's finish and
  • 05:30: so much information got and this is closer to deal up here when they grow chastised skeleton, we show well let me even here here here there go to the beginning says one cucumber I will plant specially and broke off the top of I do here this here knot It should get here especially for you a club with cucumbers always to make I welcome your visits questions have wished
  • 06:00: so long as all