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  • 00:02: Hello Jean somehow once dried apples this will require Wash apples here I have two and a half a kilo of apples cut into half It can be cleaned and can Do not clean me better like when I do not cleaned up and away by civic
  • 00:31: happened three baking and send it in the oven steel top mode and bottom and a fan 50 degrees
  • 01:18: apples have dried periodically included and turning off the oven since such a feature It takes another time nature and other times two day now it depends on apples how they
  • 01:30: any daily delicious good I had them I use for dessert compotes and jellies and just as a treat two and a half kilo of apples from I got 300 gram of finished dried product Apples are best stored in glass bank to keep out moisture
  • 02:03: Dried apples are ready Bon Appetit