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  • 00:00: Hello we begin to answer the rock our need to more often in courses in which I tell you how and make the most ordinary bottles and is the most usually to the work that he needs decorative hand work first candle So we start Monster's day tights PET bottle of vodka and watch attentively I am pleased to
  • 00:30: on January 2 cop stockings 03 kopecks and does so, he pointed out that the b happened Activity here it free here this means which is on the hip and now I will very very well know and not be bottle on the bottle stockings it does not matter that the lead arrow
  • 01:00: but not to pay attention to it Reality was not and did it very well now even the street is part of vodka Here in the same way twisting it in view of This fragment of the top donors to the line up intersection Saratov upper part of the body to work
  • 01:31: and now that it was very First NATO and firmly I check again that it was all well know but So and to the rest of the top pantyhose all of these at least eight hours unit so firstly and twisting We made it big brothers obesity and that we do not get them opening Russians almost RUB
  • 02:02: is part of crack topic cigarettes but he works of the flesh are very again and then why I wait until early Borisov no cool completely of phase estimates very strong compound that's the way little need
  • 02:32: Smoking would be to wait for 15 minutes glue grabbed here he is almost an island a little more will be served the situation here enough time has passed we've got here such now My close look at her These fragments
  • 03:03: supplements they will serve as decor I'm starting to straighten tights that is what is not thought that this will be What percentage of the response of the nominal value I am very happy but now as long as he does not seems in response to this attention and reminds Title I district is not so Anisimov I usually fine, I do not need it
  • 03:33: your way of our Russian singer preferences idea but I by this part one year ahead again with the help telephone customers of the ban on the south I almost anytime I think that so it will be interesting users
  • 04:06: look I stayed another piece pantyhose and I did not do anything there should be only one-sided movement of the glass and hot that's the way the world make and in this part of the very most on the basis of check tights I either transfer the second ceremony
  • 04:37: on the contrary it I give it seems to me that at the very the center of Europe interesting enough be now he we did not this part our work 2 this evening author not at the moment
  • 05:08: rather weakly recalls whistle the damage there is almost 6 June this difficult days I want to make more than a third of them worked then I another piece which are on the side of the tights What we have army girlfriends eat well here so I Sverdlovsk MOE
  • 05:40: but on himself remembers flower VG fixed it users how did a couple it seems to me that this field blank an interesting option again to support having shot yet
  • 06:13: Sekou 15 of this necessary appetites I will carefully look at this is blank and record customers of the week but it is the victims to fall off and did until I did not get good stability composition This completes the first channel
  • 06:43: our work the first stage of the bottle decorative building decorative bottles completed before the visit of the head in such a way but as we have tested all free occurring fragments of one Kiev
  • 07:14: Get on the workpiece which recalls in Hamburg then recalls Sikorski we will begin the next stage six which decorate the robots from possible the novelty has some rather strange to screen today I ask arm Hill and supporters and so on me to show you fragment I'll show you option
  • 07:44: and make it a deposit we have left from the past class and now we can not use for decor For this we take just any form strip Acceleration of melting of ice I still have this kind and now I will Making expensive so Budkin green apples points so he
  • 08:17: shoes circle I found the clinic and very fast as summer Spiru Euro Craig Levin this strip Bear homeland this should be done carefully because the burn you silicone He warmed up hot apartment on the eve of the first round likewise, I continue to count to
  • 08:48: As long as this does not end a piece but each case is the removal of life compulsory I do not care all who are drop least points it is the other way around, we will not hope career day if I will wonder and beauty of this art form
  • 09:20: It is either unpredictable I had their work euro can never and say of course it is not so it will look I know that Rosstat will aesthetic interests of one if you see how I did I do not know can not predict but m
  • 09:50: only Victor Siwiec because ends then when it must end and I will need to continue and to continue This process does not need the following pasochek here I am
  • 10:20: remember the sinking him I think that it would be interesting now I as recorded Here is a piece of cloth yet not fixed a on the contrary leaving him fashionable then you will see it because what I'm doing bright beautiful were USD a piece
  • 10:52: to them in such a way so what is next Euro winter another scrap their year continues I take so weak to the end so it was CEO China Subscription discovery tree e Hi
  • 11:22: nothing my children continue draw most treshku recall five minutes do until then eve seem that enough interesting to get a confirmation
  • 11:52: I'm here to win it in the teacher's day surplus Yevkurov they always right I talked with the death
  • 12:22: low prices it turned an illusion sustainable bottle that she had thoroughly good heavy Scenery so the Internet is not good reinforcements with the average value of the goods will not come
  • 12:52: new near the Now then proceed to the final stage of decoration for this I cooked many windows confirm and not here on my opinion not very fit and so I and third pieces The decision to make the heart Yatsenyuk after failure here's one I made the second act will do
  • 13:22: finding the deepest instead all day, this estimate did not specify a slice bag before I will so they will promise import Vettel correspondence and now
  • 13:52: we are still students like us very important and interesting stage 5 blue horses on the market We note we will be glad to work as artists frivolous here so no
  • 14:23: our correspondent blooming We are working Kenya 4 placing emphasis On this cream And so the years, it's nothing
  • 14:54: the tournament was the year with the fact that the book is for children sometimes intercept it is a place where I am not sure Safety explode for r Now we will cover all the tricks on this
  • 15:27: ends Another one and tactics of the game we come to the final Weather career deficiencies as you can see I've done Silicone Party Speaker the surface where it is least wanted I made Mary Duff and the most common plug mace size in diameter but the bottle neck I suggest you to do
  • 15:59: own rate imagination as for his career it will be it is also very ooo interesting and bright example our attention is now we will start painting this bottle and you will see how to manifest itself it is necessary to find out who very nice I turned on ventilation engineers opel
  • 16:30: He plans to continue Ten years and a few days earlier transformed so interesting to our here I am very happy for this quarter done beforehand It was according to
  • 17:00: interesting scenario native and unique every hundredth Then when they came in between It's enough when we Tatars law It will be closely look at it those who add color ducati RF
  • 17:30: the voter while hanging follow our example and other for the manufacture in the end I ended up I wish you creative thousand