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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel today I I tell you about method of smoking mackerel at home conditions of that we need we need sugar and need salt coarse we also need onion peel own fish itself three things here and properly we also need the same in the smoke
  • 00:30: which are sold in any supermarket and for lovers talk about harmfulness carcinogen means I want here composition product read nato aqueous solution naturally wood smoke we also need any voucher 2-liter volume here I took the class They can peonies
  • 01:00: You see the crown cut we just go put fish border here put three fish three fish we with you today smoke as I periodically fish such captcha way so I now have here such capacity bought and fish so here's a way here it is that is, to go to bed more comfortable and so if the recipe
  • 01:30: You'll like it also advise buy a actual capacity start your method of messages but primarily pour any Capacity liters of water We bring it to boiling to omit show how come at May 6 bulbs and boil for 20-30 minutes let it boil 30 minutes into the nose and in this
  • 02:00: time, loans evisceration as a matter of fact of the fish simple process here hide not tum take out proper saying giblets I remove the head
  • 02:37: all the rest We take the fish reserve hide her tum severed head purify from giblets
  • 03:14: following mode hide fawn released in the year
  • 03:49: giblets Now we wash our fish under running cold water especially midway there is blood with liver you kind of desirable Give rinse think as a miter like you copied
  • 04:21: Thus, we We prepared our fish smoked until the time Remove all from here the insides of our Fish took us 25 minutes show and ready we filter through a strainer hoisted
  • 04:57: plus it is no longer I need to overfishing color will be seen the resulting decoction leave to cool to leave to cool to full cooling somewhere for an hour and then one and a half so for the future if the recipe like to start
  • 05:27: sell this a solution that is put the boil liter water thrown husk from May 6 bulbs boiled minutes twenty thirty Strain on the fly this broth and It leaves left it has to cool somewhere in hour and a half to start preparation of self-tapping screws We are waiting for smoking hour and a half
  • 05:59: we will continue broth cool add to it 2 tablespoons sugar both can be gorochkoy here is a small add 4 tablespoons tablespoons salt too small to slide and here we add
  • 06:35: one tablespoon our Liquid smoke is carefully mix up full layers Now our prepared by scooby placed in a container for smoking and fill it all
  • 07:06: our prepared marinara broth cover with a lid and remove on the day in fridge It took us 24 hours We get our fish and I turn over to we have it evenly
  • 07:41: stagnate and Copts and color changed uniformly 5 cover with a lid and Cleaned in the refrigerator another day under we passed yet another day before the inserted our fish with Vladimir Now that further here
  • 08:11: of these clips large office such It was with shelves a sort of strong need to do hooks stockfish our ie here are clip hooks do this konechnik I tie nylon thread But at the other end respectively We do any loop buy only was there are two end
  • 08:44: hook tied another concert loops to ordinary fish awl level and tail somewhere centimeters half or two below I am doing through a puncture hole through paste it hole hook the and five on the dress carnation at the battle on the balcony
  • 09:14: is ventilated room with Holly in principle, that is, for balcony for drying the perfect place We reserve so but at the bottom of a substantial newspaper to burls first time will drip daily salt and leave so staring at two days have passed two of us day our fish has undergone got here such
  • 09:45: color is not a course in store for us it did not seek top we anoint it vegetable oil that the skin was she smiles elastic dried up here such We got fish all pleasant
  • 10:15: if appetite like recipe we subscribe to channel set husky bye Bye