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  • 00:10: in Moscow how widely used where we judge Oscar bars meats like warming equipment at the beginning of classes just as there are a large the number of errors in its execution First let's see how it It should look right start
  • 00:31: but the spirit is put your hands up look up exhale, drop to the race Damascus look nose tip well before the 80 chin before Listeva on the hand with an exhalation go back there on the Donbas tip of the nose suddenly look up dog Russian is good but we think eyebrows exhale dog down and broke the competition could look
  • 01:06: 5 of the exhalations spirits dogs progress smoothly feet Kukava Moskal forward as you exhale, we are very look closely, he tip of the nose but should raise in the North
  • 01:31: hand Euro sworn true and here you accept the terms lower and now highlights the main elements of its constituents of and some of the most serious errors so, let's begin from the sum of the first element warehouse to meet the standing position that It quoted in the old days late roughly the carriage at the beginning of the investigation should to be together with the heel
  • 02:00: How many years We should push evenly item more than a few neighbors it is required simply to stock stand should get adopted by the foot that is in complex after finger in the heel the outer edges of the foot like most what it is At the same time the rise of the middle of his feet interior Now there should not be left to do with all
  • 02:31: but at the same time and partly Today June 27 themselves often do not remember much pilots strike sisters accessible so we will again seek maximum lift height of the club even in such a simple Remenchik rise pleased that Kazakhstan found error I feel
  • 03:01: hand is rumored that too strong in 2008 the pressure he and his girlfriend or vice versa hands reach maximum and seized I did not rise Prime and better strive to understand the hand as straight upwards provide sufficient pressure water therein at each other but at the same time food Shutters should be lifted
  • 03:30: and now an ordinary according to need He remained at the bottom Further an error which in general is It goes even from a standing position with the Muscovites this provision to clarify the situation in country has and the fuel is not delivered to Vlad and relevant He died at the waist died too to complement This situation should be draw in a bunch
  • 04:00: so will change due to the reflection of aggression stretching of the lower abdomen Julia from them if so regularly update in the amount of map it is possible to damage the lower back and Siberian traumatize especially if you already are in China rudimentary problems are so people who do not have Stretching to make the competition gram about to complete injury, Obama We recommend that you start the development called 747
  • 04:33: Makarenko thus pressed already given he caught emergency calling back 100 lit bedrooms no reduced considerably the risk of injury waist at the same time keeping lie on the position of the animal year You can also creep up chelnintsy what gradually stretched the back surface of your thumb battened
  • 05:00: upper jaw Clamp Kazan and relationships complex range of schools here are frequent errors in this message which manufactured by working youth spine we recommend not to touch emergency It turns the chin that is, transfer if during the period disclose the chest died will carry but will have fewer chances in addition to the cervical spine in future include thoracic
  • 05:31: spine and be sure to face It must be absolutely conditional head race the most common errors in the performance of the four years vowels is an famous loin Ukraine court NFPU up m³ that leads bends the lumbar spine
  • 06:00: incorrect statement of the product for all structure protruding Stone any given period through the swamp is also results in front of a bushel of new spine correctly the number of votes necessary to raise coachman in it with Rescue of the complaints and In total it will give the lumbar traction spine as a person must be
  • 06:32: tighten the chin slightly parades some things can be corrected on the street Rollers on the balance Putin called try most favorable terms Dundas bedroom before the Bank for all the body should be put on between cards crown top dog fashion very often common mistakes position Belozyorov generation needs on the street often
  • 07:00: As for a knee or hip, or even I went down the street thus there is also kinked lumbar spine wherein the alloy dogs often largely Prime bully Shamba clamped neck wrong is very common position feet on the position to his son ready to provisions recovering
  • 07:31: or as well as performed the position of the windows on the status of the same general is an I'm not really the right option not yet for the main sequence correctly plans to put his feet on the foot uphill card table socks have to be as himself to Japan concerned must fly legs straight boundary plan post trim heap to repay their own expense suspense
  • 08:02: no good and wherein the composition of the need to retract and down 105 Part 3. We expect being made in average chest too much Buna for overwrite are not necessary canine divers it should be the chin forward and a little bit up it is necessary to hand over the account than the point time due to this same stretch again before the chest cage and spine generally
  • 08:34: fashion dog down but because we do not have good the most common errors but remained at a bath ATS top lumbar spine is It has an external angle of attack bath this is how it happens just took a cup of tea surface thighs for and to to sleep in, we recommend you
  • 09:01: to begin the development of cooperation enough stretching essentially in Manco knees in general it will be easier especially as it coincided composition or rather, it seems to not be able to recall thighs in the next part of the gun gradually Kozhin we successfully bones Yandex back hip surface in particular, a statement of the the fact that many in 13 matches
  • 09:32: and stretching the muscles often it is the calculation of deflection why compositions but why not finance such allowing pieces Tsolak this too is wrong need to try this increased Lenin for five days in the communities that it It was absolutely straight line shoulder blades we should strive to breed in hand apart
  • 10:01: good space shoulders and chest essence composition chin down dog fashion needs pressure on the upper part of the turning 6 clamps do not pay attention and staging agony often Start palm wrong unreasonably or sometimes even inside smooth data table two you should try to put the Middle fingers fell on another remaining finger on them According to the need to reach a maximum
  • 10:30: also drew attention to the fact that all the surface of the palm to be pressed to the floor should not be when boats Stubb palm pressed to the floor only to the edges share scientific sin it may perhaps be wondering sphere policy Ulyanovka correctly quite easy but as they say the way to master going
  • 11:09: about